Ai Aiko is a OC made by Toki-Doki-Chan.



Ai has indigo-blue hair tied in a ponytail. She has bluebell eyes, and rosy cheeks. She also wears the default unform unless customized, with minty stockings and black shoes.

When needing to dress formally, Ai wears a maid-ish outfit with a blue rose. She wears black stockings and black flats, with her ponytail tied with a bow.



Ai was born as a normal child, but her parents died, so she only had her sister. Then, the children were adopted, and lived a normal life until 2 rich people adopted them. Ai claims that this is false, though.


Ai: Hey!

Are you trying to see this PRIVATE information?!?

Who do you think you ARE?!?!



ASK TOKI to reveal my backstory!!!



Ai can be hot-headed, yet she is sweet and EXTREMELY good at drawing. Ai sometimes swears, but people often know it's because she's trying to protect something/someone. "Meh, she's your average schoolgirl. If Yan-Chan every stabbed my sis, I'd grab that knife and stab her." Aiya said.


Aiya Aiko

Ai looks up to her big sis, and will murder the player if they kill Ai.

Bai and Riko Akio

Ai is on good terms with her parents. They are the ones that can truly stop Ai and Aiya from doing anything.


  • Ai gets annoyed by Eiji ALOT.
  • Ai LOVES blue, specifically indigo blue.
  • Saying 'Ai' three times in a mirror will do nothing.
  • However, saying Ai three times in the comments will make her appear.
  • 'Ai' in Japanese means 'Love indigo blue'. This might be where Ai gets her love of Indigo blue.
  • 'Aiko' in Japanese means 'Beloved loving child'.
  • Therefore, 'Ai Aiko' means Loving indigo blue beloved loving child.
  • Ai is a Tsundere to Eiji for fun, but Eiji thinks her 'affection' is real.


"What the FRICK is wrong with you?!? Stay back!" -When seeing the player insane.

"I need to find my braclet... My sister gave it to me.. And I love it...Can you find it?" -Asking about her task.

"Oh, so I'm more of a child than YOU? Pathetic, Baka." -Declining her task.

"Really?? Good luck!" -Accepting her task.

"You found it? Yas!!!" -Compleating her task.

"Holy crap! Is that blood/dead body?!?!" -Seeing blood/A Corpse.


Ai lost her braclet. She needs YOU to find it. Her charm is found on the rooftop bench. Once you complete this task, for as long as Ai is alive, you are gifted with 4 more minutes on the police timer.

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