Aimi Miki is the OC of Jlmc12345678910


In her current designs she has two long blonde tri drills on two sides of her head, and blue eyes, she also wears pink, light, natural looking lipstick and a light pink blush and a bit of eyeliner she also wears long pink, white-striped stockings. In her first design she had long blonde hair with no make up apart from some eyeliner she also wore long red faded stockings, like her current design she had blue eyes and on her second design, she had two long blonde twintails with heavy makeup instead. She wears the default school unifrom unless customized with the same bust size as Saki Miyu.


  • She walks into school.
  • She changes her shoes.
  • She goes to the Drama Club and helps out Kizana Sunobu.
  • She goes to class 2-1 during class time.
  • She has lunch in the drama club during lunch time.
  • She goes back to class 2-1 during class time.
  • After school she does club activities until 5:00.
  • She leaves school


  • Assistant of the drama club president Kizana Sunobu.
  • Former best friend of Misaki Keki, they stopped being friends until a certain incident occured between them causing her to start bullying Misaki, eventually stopped after learning something that happened and hopes to some day make peace with her
  • Ever since her father started drinking her parents became an abusive couple, because of this they neglected her brother Tsukune Miki, she does compensated dating to earn money to buy food, pay bills, and other nessecities.


Uh YOU wanna HELP me? well I guess you can help me with something.. Listen up! I need a new uniform! this one is WAY too tight I WOULD buy a new one but my parents are too busy fighting to do jack shit. Can you like... I dont know get me a new uniform?
— Aimi's task
Y-you're willing to help? s-someone like me..?
— If you accept her task
Ugh, I thought so please don't waste my time again!
— If you refuse her task
I-I cant believe I'm saying this... th-thank you!
— If you complete her task
Hello, who's this? *gasps* You again! Stop calling me, you goddamn pedophile creep! Is it your job to creep on school girls?! I think not! Stop calling me or I WILL contact the police! I told you I'm NOT gonna do that crap anymore! I only did it to help my brother!

...Wait? 300,000 yen?! well... if you have the money I suppose I'll do it.... meet me in Buraza Town tonight, but this is the last time! Got it?! *drops to her knees and cries*

— Aimi's compensated dating call.


  • KawaiCats for the portrait base
  • DuckPimp for the eyes of her first portrait


Haruko Shinozaki: Her former crush, she now thinks of him to be odd and annoying.

Misaki Keki: used to be her best friend, she bullied her for a while she eventually stopped, she wants to make peace with her some time.

Mai Shinozaki: Thinks she is a kind person however, she believes that she has an incestuous relationship with her brother.

Sumato Shisoka: Finds him to be "annoyingly handsome"

Kisekae Code

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By TheFunGame:


By BlueSoul69:


By KawaiCats:



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