Akademi Elementary is a fan-fiction created by EwImTrash .

It is about if everyone in Akademi were children. Enjoy the fan-fiction!

Chapter 1 ~ The Beginning

Ayano wakes up, wondering how she will get rid of Kokona-chan today. "How does she come back every week after I've already killed her," she mumbled to herself in bed. "It's weird, but not like I don't enjoy getting rid of her." Ayano got out of her bed, and changed into her school uniform. "Ayano," her mother yelled. "Come down for breakfast or get NONE at ALL!" Ayano decided for a moment whether she would go down, not afraid to admit she was a bit scared of her mom. The grumble of her tummy made her go down instantly.

Meanwhile, Kokona was already at school. Over the weekend, she had learned many things online to gossip about to the other female members of the Rainbow 12. She went to her locker to change her shoes. What shoes she wore was something Kokona was very picky about, except when something urgent happens. Kokona realized how early she was, and started to roam around school. She wasn't searching for something to do or someone to talk to. "Good morning Kokona," said a teacher walking to the Faculty Room. "Why here so early? Are you doing something?" Kokona thought, then replied with, "No. Just roaming around." The teacher smiled and walked off.

Ayano had finished her breakfast quickly, and left for school even quicker. She stalked Kokona as she walked around. "What is she doing," she said to herself. "Whatever it is, I'll find out." Ayano quietly laughed.

A Note From The Author

A child killing another. Brutal, I know. If it's too brutal, I'm sorry.

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