Aki Ayumi is a Junior High Student attending Akedemi Junior High.


She is a normal girl living her daily life in Buraza town, she lives alone with her parents were she walks to school with her friends, eats lunch with them and studies with them. After that she would go home and eat a snack her mom left out or get a Grape Flavored Ramune(marble soda) from the fridge. She is a huge fan of Halloween.


She is calm, sweet and innocent. She is pretty much a living anime trope in a way, which people tell her often, which confuses her greatly.


She had blonde hair tied to together with pigtails and red ribbon. She had Bluish, Greenish, Purplish eyes based of the "Corpse Party" game series. She wears the Junior High Uniform but in a dark shade of blue.


  • Her hair model is from the game "Sword art Online" and belongs to the character Silica.
  • Her hair model was retextured by her creator as practice for future texturing jobs on Yandere Simulator and was shown to Druelbozo for reference.
  • She has a habit of sneaking into the males changing room.
  • People at her school think she resembles a character from a popular Dating Simulator game.

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