This oc belongs to Allora, ask her for permission to use/edit. Thank you!

Akiko Yukimura
Student Info
Role Student
Occupation Student
Class 2-2
Club none
Age 17
Persona Coward
Crush none
Strength Incapable
Appears Week 1


Port Credits:Pumpkinhero2, lucydreemurr, Trueking, RedGHOUL, XX-ray-Xx, akuma natsume.


Akiko is a very skinny and pale girl. She has reddish-pink eyes and long, wavy cyan hair. She is always seen in an electric wheelchair instead of walking like other students due to her paralysis from her waist down.


Akiko is a very kind yet quiet figure. She has the tendency to stay quiet in most conversations, if not all. She is a very shy yet protective student. If she wasn't paralysed she would have the teacher's pet persona.

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