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Akria Is a student at Akidemi High He Has a Brother Gamer Kensi

and two sisters Konata and Kei Kensi

He, Kei, and Konata Are triplets


Akria Has brown somewhat messy hair and lime green eyes .


Akria can be very arrogant at times but always can come around

Akia will try to restrain the murderer is witnessing a murder


Gamer Kensi

Gamer thinks Akria can be annoying and rude, But still loves him

Kei Kensi

Kei thinks Akria is really good at sports and loves him.

Konata Kensi

Konata thinks Akria is very nice, but will always turn down his request for a sports playing robot

Erey Ippongo

Erey thinks Akira is cool but loves to fuck with him


  • Akria Is obsessed with sports
  • the worst kensi lol


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