Allora Tanaka
Student Info
Role Student
Occupation Megami's Assistant
Class 3-2
Club Student Council
Age 18
Persona Heroic
Crush none
Strength Fights back-Very Strong
Appears Week 1

This oc is owned by Allora, ask her for permission to use/edit. Thank You

Port credits: Chalkpai, Pumpkinhero2 and Akuma Natsume WIP


Allora is a very busty yet slender girl, usually seen with a cold expression. She has teal/sea blue eyes and chocolate brown hair. her hair is vey silky yet very hard to maintain. She usually doesn't ever smile.


Allora is usually very cold and very harsh on her fellow peers. She has been this way ever since she joined student council and became Megami's assistant. She usually can be found with Megami, checking up on club leaders or in the student council room, organization papers. No one knows why she had the sudden change, but they all miss her old self.


Megami Saikou

No one ever said being a heiress' assistant was easy, especially for someone like Allora. She is usually doing multiple things at the same time and rarely has time to talk, all because of her position as assistant. Megami and Allora respect each other but both are workaholics.

Chojo Tekina

Allora rarely speaks to her cousin, only doing so when he does wrong or is about to do wrong. She loves him but rarely shows it. She considers her school life like a job and wishes to spend time with her family. They both respect and love eachother very much, no matter what the cost.

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