Ami is the youngest of three sisters. Being the youngest, their parents spent alot of time with her growing up, but eventually moved to just making her eldest sister into something perfect, leaving Ami to fend for herself. By this point, she had already made a few friends at school and relied on them to spend her time with. When she was about six, her and Sohaku were playing on the playground when Sohaku jumped off and pushed down on the teeter-totter as hard as he she could, causing Ami to accidently bite her lip and causing her to bleed. Highly unnoticeable, she still has the scar.


Ami is long, pointy black hair and green eyes.




  • Merissa Rimoto
    • Her eldest sister of whom watches over her. After Sohaku turned into an emotional mess, Merissa began to spend more time with Ami to prevent her from repeating what Sohaku did. Ami is one of the only few people Merissa will do anything for and even drop everything if she is needed.
  • Sohaku Rimoto
    • Her older sister by a year of whom she is occasionally at ties with. The two can go from getting along to fighting within seconds, which usually ends with Sohaku losing her cool and getting so upset that she either has to walk away or attacks Ami.


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