Animal (Club) is a club created by SomethingYuno's OC Chihiro Hayashi. Please add your OCs here if you would like to join. Is currenly accepting members.

Group Routine

The Animal Club begins before the first class. During that time they discuss about how they're pets are doing, and if anyone has learned some money for the fund.

They meet again at lunchtime, and discuss funraiser ideas, and if anyone has earned any money for the funds. After discussion, they talk offtopic while eating lunch.

Club Activities

The club talks about earning money to support abused pets, and sometimes go on field trips on animals. Members can bring in pets from home, and they could introduce each other to other members about their pets and such. Due to an incident, vicious pets are now banned from the clubroom.


The weapons that are located in the room are a pair of Shears. Shears are on top of the counter. Another weapon is a grooming brush, and could be seen on the corner of the clubroom.


Name Chihiro Hayashi (Founder)








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