Astorian Tsuki is an OC owned and created by EwImTrash.


Astorian was born to an average couple in Shisuta Town, who later split up. Storia decided to stay with her mom, because she could teach her about more "girl stuff." In Preschool, there were many cases in which a spider crawled upon Storia. Those cases gave her Arachnophobia.

In Elementary School, Storia didn't have many friends. Her mom got her a turtle to talk to. She started bringing the turtle to school, and was never caught by the faculty.

Middle School was the same way, and in Highschool Storia decided she was going to make some friends. She first became close with Musume Ronshaku and then the females of the Rainbow 12. Storia then moved on to the Rooftop, and became close with the Basu Sisters and Midori. Kuu Dere and Mai Waifu were scared to speak to Storia. Soon, Storia was known by everyone in Akedemi!


Storia was curly, shoulder-length green hair with cyan eyes and green glasses. She wears the normal school uniform under her green hoodie unless customized.


Storia loves having tons of friends and talking with other people, but at times she can get easily annoyed and avoid everyone for the rest of the day.


Storia has the Scardey-Cat persona. When witnessing a murder, she will run around the school for a few minutes, then find an empty room or other hiding place and call the police. When the murderer is on another floor, she will run out the school. Afterwards, Storia will stay home for another day.

If Storia sees someone with a weapon, insane or covered in blood, she will stay as close to her teacher as possible for the rest of the day.


Crepi Sacari

Storia has a crush on Crepi, and has always been too scared to talk to her.

Oka Ruto

Storia likes taking pictures of Oka. Neither girls know why.

Inosento Gakusei

Storia once saw Ino, but thought it was a figment of her imagination. She is on the look for Ino in case she sees her again.


  • Though Astoria is in the Photography Club, she cannot stand flashes of light.
    • She will have her eyes close in every picture taken of her
  • Astorian enjoys mimicking babies.


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