=+~>> [This is EwImTrash's OC. Please ask her here to use this OC for anything! Thanks! ] <<~+=

Student Info
Role Unknown
Occupation Auctioneer
Class 3-1
Club Auctioneering Club
Age  ???
Persona Teacher's Pet
Crush Auctioneer-chan (No Page)
Strength Yelling
Appears Unknown


Auction-kun saw people yelling on TV. He wanted to be like them. He researched further into the yelling, and found it it was called auctioneering. Auction-Kin asked his parents to send him to an Auctioneering School, and they did. There, Auction-kun learned more and more about auctioneering. He was and still is the student with the highest grades in his school. When his session finished, his parent's got Auction-kun into Akedemi. He remains there to this day.


"ORDER IN THE COURT! Thank you very much."

-Complimenting Auction-kun

"ORDER IN THE COURT! No jelly at school!!"

-Auction-kun seeing blood

"ORDER IN THE COURT! No sharp objects at school!"

-Auction-kun seeing a weapon

"O-order in the court. Oh crud! STAY BACK!!!"

-Auction-kun when an insane or bloody student approaches him with a weapon.





Auctioneer-kun and Auctioneering-chan kissing.

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