Awashi 'Ari' Hunkomoto is a OC made by Toki-Doki-Chan.


In her normal form, Awashi has dark brown hair with blonde and light brown highlights. Awashi also has sky blue eyes. Awashi wears the default uniform unless customized by the player. She also wears sky-blue stockings with black shoes.

In her insane form, Awashi has blood-red eyes with black hair. Awashi wears a lusty dress, with black stockings and shoes.


Awashi's personality is a Demon. She hides the fact that she is a insane killer, and acts nice and caring. Also, she can act shy. However, when you madden her, she shows her true personality, and will make your life hell. If the player points the camera at her and she's not your friend/not in the photography club, she'll say "What do you want?!?", but if she's your friend/in the photography club, she will hardly notice you.


Bosenga Fujimoto- She is like a meh, due to her complementing her.


  • You can stalk Awashi.
  • The most common way to anger Awashi is to ask her if she will do a task too much.


"What did I just see..."

-When seeing the player Lewd

"Holy crap! Will you just shut up?!? I WILL stop being your friend, BITCH!"

-Asking for a favor more than 6 times per day

"Falalalala, I didn't just see that..."

-Seeing a murder once

"Help! A murderer! Like I care."

-Seeing a murder 2 times or more

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