Ayami Makura is an OC made by Maddison8. Ask Her for permission for Fanart, fanfic etc...


Ayami has lavender hair tied up in a curly high ponytail, On top of her ponytail she has a turquoise bow clipped onto it. Her eyes are pink and she has grey ear piercings with tiny stars in the middle, she also wears uniform #1.


Ayami was born on November 3rd 1998 in Paris, she was a perfect child and would barely cry unless her,her family or her friends were hurt. Her father's work involved moving around a lot,so Ayami and her family moved to Buruza Town, Japan when Ayami was 3 years old. She started attending Akademi High School when she was 15 years old, and ended up confessing her love to Ryusei Koki when she was 16 . She started dancing and doing performances in the Buruza Town Performance Hall, and became very likeable and well known. Just as everybody was talking about her, Musume Ronshaku started becoming jealous but Ayami ignored her and stayed shining in the spotlight.


Ayami is a mix of Social Butterfly and Heroic, so she will pose for the camera if it is aimed at her. She will also pin down the culprit if she witnesses murder


Since she is a mix of a Social Butterfly and Heroic, She may have some mixed reactions

"Oh, Thank you so,so much!" - After complementing Ayami.
"Don't even try..." - After Ayami sees a weapon
"GAHH!" - After seeing a corpse
  • Pins down culprit*- After Witnessing Murder


  • Aya is called "Oh la-la" girl by Musume, it is supposed to be annoying but Ayami likes it.
  • Aya has had her ear piercings since she was 6 years old.

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