• SpottedKawaii


    September 12, 2017 by SpottedKawaii

    I have returned.

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  • Unknown Potato
    • Does anybody  have a request I could do?

    • here are some examples of my work
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  • Mixelnator777
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  • Mixelnator777

    I'm sorry

    August 20, 2017 by Mixelnator777

    Look, I am really sorry for not crediting you, remember the blog called "Background Students Portraits Remake",  it was w.I.p., I was just gonna make portraits first then I will crediting it

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  • Mixelnator777

    So here is the portraits the CrabbyMeal made me

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  • Mixelnator777


    August 18, 2017 by Mixelnator777

    Credits to PumpkingHero2 for the male Midori hair, Original creators for the hairstyles, and CrabbyMeal form the custom hair

    These are the new Occult Club members

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  • Mixelnator777

    Okay, so CrabbyMeal made me some of it, I just wanna find someone who can do the rest, so here are the shadow portraits that I made, that needs to reveal, please don't take me to seriously

    "It'd be really nice if there was more info on those students so their portraits could match their personality traits (not in-game personas) and etc."


    So these what they look like, so I decided to make that as a collab

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  • Mixelnator777
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  • LlamacornsXD

    Lack of activity

    July 28, 2017 by LlamacornsXD

    I will not be very active on this wiki. My reasons are:

    1. This is not my main wiki. Yandere Simulator Fanon is.

    2. I will be going on vacation to LA soon

    3. School starts soon

    4. I'll be on the Canon wiki, Fanon wiki, but not Fan wiki

    I'm going to California very soon, so I MIGHT be a little inactive. I'll still be on Kik and Discord I think.

    Kik- Queenfaith55

    Discord- 𝔏𝔩𝔞𝔪𝔞🌸#7699

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  • LlamacornsXD


    July 28, 2017 by LlamacornsXD

    I can try to make portraits. It might not be as good as Shin Higaku though

    Copy and paste the following text into your request:

    • Gender:
    • Hair style: (insert image here)
    • Hair color:
    • Eye color:
    • Accessories (optional):
    • Uniform:
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  • LenLawliet


    July 26, 2017 by LenLawliet

    The reason I have not been on as often as often is because I've been on alot of trips lately for vacation. And after school begins this upcoming fall, I shall be focusing on my classes more than anything. My grades will be my number one priority, above the wiki, my health, my love life, etc...

    So if I seem to leave for a weak or something, just know that I shall be busy with a real life situation. As well, my spirit has been a lot more positive since I took time off the wiki, so only once every week or so will be about how often I'll normally be on. I'll try to answer messages on my wall as soon as I can, which will either be during weekends or when I have completed all my assignments.

    The vacations I've been taking lately leave me in an are…

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  • LlamacornsXD

    My life

    July 9, 2017 by LlamacornsXD

    Melanie Marteniz music + pandas + wiki + sushi = MY LIFE

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  • LenLawliet


    July 1, 2017 by LenLawliet

    Alright, I'm only righting this because I need to get this off my chest, some things need to be cleared up, and I literally have nothing else on my plate right now.

    Many users, mostly from the fanon wiki see me as an abusive, manipulative asshole of whom as an ego problem. Some believe me to be violent and believe I only care about myself and no one else. I know I have made alot of enemies since I have joined the wiki and I personally don't understand, but at the same time I do. I know I have made alot of mistakes, acted out at times I should not have.

    There is ALOT of things that I should have done differently, and even I understand this. Believe me when I tell you that I am not a bad person, believe me when I tell you I'm not the bad guy y…

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  • LenLawliet


    June 30, 2017 by LenLawliet

    To the people of the wiki, I would like to apologize for my friend using my account the way she did the past 7 hours. I've changed my password so this will NOT happen again, and the issue is currently being looked into still.  The friend in question is the one with a Jesus complex, but that's besides the point.

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  • LenLawliet


    June 27, 2017 by LenLawliet

    Okay, this being accused of being a pedo thing needs to end. I know alot of users hate me and claim this is the reason, but I need to prove that these accusations are all false.

    To be a pedo, you need to have an attraction to children, something that I. Do. Not. Have. I've always disliked pedos and thought they were just gross, and I never wanted to even meet one, little alone see one. The fact I'm being accused of is kind of just a pathetic way of bringing hate in my direction, and frankly, I'm sick of it.

    Don't just comment saying that I'm a pedo because I dated minors, because that's only an excuse to call me by this name. I've never dated a child, nor have I ever touched one. Berry/Dylan, what ever he wants to be called was never someon…

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  • Toki-Doki-Chan

    Ask thenm anything :3

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  • Vincent van Nogh


    June 23, 2017 by Vincent van Nogh

    me me big boy

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  • Nightmare~Yandere


    May 28, 2017 by Nightmare~Yandere

    Woah. So can someone plz make a Sprite for Tastu Mawahi?

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  • GreenSister

    Here's the first ever, official build of Everyday Lovesick Simulator (Mainichi Aisuru Seikatsu simulator)

    So, to show off the features, I made a couple test videos.

    So, I added six schoolgirls but they look like straight up clones of Aisuru-chan.

    Should I fix that?

    Let me know in the comments.

    Hey, why are you still reading this? Go download the mod now!

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  • GreenSister

    This a new mod made by me. This the final state of killer simulator.

    Here are some pictures I did.

    The first one is a character design. I can't show the rest because they are the rival character designs.

    Now, to gameplay!

    The next picture is some students talking.

    The next is a person that stays on the rooftop (took place of midori gurin)

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  • GreenSister

    This was originally posted on the original fanon wiki, but no one saw it.

    Nothing that you saw was final. The final version of the mod will be a lot better.

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  • Silentrosewhip

    OC Art Requests!

    April 18, 2017 by Silentrosewhip

    Hey it's me, Oni, the disaster

    I know there's a lot of oc's on this wiki. like, a lot. and honestly there's many of them that are really well designed, or there's some that don't really have a lot in their gallery or whatever, and i'm in a constant state of boredom SO

    i'm opening up art requests here!!

    if you want me to draw your oc, just comment below with a picture and the name of your oc attached and i'll scribble something up!! i'll draw any number of oc's (as long as it's not a huge crowd. i can't draw all of you, your friend's, and your friend's cousins oc's or i'll die on the spot)


    • I draw nsfw!! however, if i dont really feel like drawing nsfw at the time I Wont Do It. If your character is underaged don't even bother as…
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  • Vincent van Nogh

    I unironically like Fergie and was just curious if anyone else did

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  • LenLawliet


    April 9, 2017 by LenLawliet

    So after coming back from vacation, after the fight over Sohaku, after all the drama filled events that have occured since I first signed onto wikia, I've decided I'm done with drama. I won't even comment anything that'll cause drama. I will act to end it however, because I'm honestly just sick of it all. The old days with zero drama and everyone was friends are the days I miss, but it seems those are just just the past.

    "You have to cross the line just to remember where it lays."

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  • ImperialHeart

    "Oh?.. What's this?.." Ai picked up a small soft thing gently, cradling it in her arms. It looked to be an albino ferret. In the school's main building though? It moved. It certainly wasn't a toy then.

    So, without thinking, she took it to the martial arts club. It was spacious, a good spot to get to know the little one. "I'm Koki, Ai Koki! What's your name?" She asked, getting only a squeak in response. Ai pressed her nose against the ferret's little one, booping him with the signature "Chuu...", only to recieve the feeling of two happy ferret paws against her neck in a hug-like fashion. It was making happy ferret noises.

    Erey burst in, "Garth! There you are, lil' bud!" He shouted in his own cheery voice, "Mornin' Ai! I see Garth likes ya!"


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  • Jacbocford


    February 20, 2017 by Jacbocford

    i love doctor sesus

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  • Antoninko

    Antoninko's Junkyard

    November 29, 2016 by Antoninko

    Here are my portraits that are useless and wont be given to ANYONE .

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  • Jackboog21

    Bosenga's Very Bad Day

    November 29, 2016 by Jackboog21

    This is just a test fanfiction. In a way, it's kinda a followup to "Bosenga Days". I'm not really used to writing fan fiction. Tell me what you think below.

    Alarm clock: Beep...beep...beep...smash!

    Bosenga rises from her bed.

    Bosenga: *smack smack* Uhhh, I need some water...

    Bosenga stands up and instantly hits the floor with her face.

    Bosenga: Stupid floor...

    Bosenga manages to stand up and open her door to be greeted by Takashi.

    Takashi: Whoa! You okay?

    Bosenga blinks a few times slowly.

    Bosenga: Out of my way before I lock you up in a closet all day with duct tape over your mouth.

    Takashi: I'll take that as a yes.

    Bosenga walks into the kitchen as grabs a glass, then fills it with water.

    Yume: Oh, good morning Bosenga. Hey, you're fluent in English…

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  • LenLawliet


    November 19, 2016 by LenLawliet

    As I explained to Straw, I should not be on wikia as long as I have these problems. They cause me to hurt, harm, and make the lives for others worse. I should not be here. I am taking a break, so it will not count as just not being active. I'm sorry Jack, but I have to take a break. This break might be a couple months for all I know.

    • My depression
    • Inner darkness
    • My short fuse and just take the explosive out of me.
    • Other irl problems.

    So, I will not be returning until I fix all of these problems.

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  • Superedstonic

    I'm currently working on a public mod that features your OCs! I you want one of your OCs to be featured, then add them here with a picture of what they look like and their information (Name, personality, crush, and club. Reputation and additional information is optional) Only submit one OC! You will fill up the school if everyone adds more than one of their OCs

    I will start with mine! (Superedstonic)

    Name Tobaku Ota
    Reputation 10
    Personality Sweet and friendly (or

    social butterfly)

    Crush Senpai
    Club Gaming
    Additional information She hangs out with her friends

    most of the time. Her best friends

    are Saki Miyu, Kokona Haruka,

    Oka Ruto, and Osana Najimi. She

    is Senpai's friend too. She claims

    to have seen Info-chan in person,

    but nobody is knows to be sure


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  • LenLawliet

    Current state of mind.

    November 10, 2016 by LenLawliet

    Let me start this off by saying that I'm not perfect. However, I did try to change this on the fanon and become a person people would like. I didn't want to be harassed anymore and have no one do anything about it. Does anyone know what happened when I did this? I was still shot down and pushed away. Even chased off the wiki. So I decided to go back to how I was before, since it doesn't matter to anyone what version of myself I am. However, Legend is indeed coming to a place he does not belong and causing drama. All I want is for him, Straw, Osen, Chariot, and now Flutter to just leave me alone. I don't want this drama, I just want peace. Thus the reason of me reporting him to wikia staff, in an attempt to get him to stop harassing and tro…

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    I think im going to make a party, and I want peoples input, and I wanna know if anyone wants to join!

    Here are our ideals/rules we want-

    1. Rules cannot be made by admins whenever they wish, but must be voted into existance through threads in which users may vote

    2. Warnings should not prevent any from voting, the only things that should prevent someone from voting is if they do not meet the requirements of edits/days on wiki, or they are banned.

    3. Banned users should have the absolute right to repeal their ban on their talk pages, and cannot have that right taken away unless they use their talk pages to spam/troll after ban.

    4. Admins MUST tell you what rule you broke, and show you how you broke it when they are warning you.

    5. Admins are the …

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    Feeling like you arent getting justice? Feeling as if the admins are using their power however they feel? Well contact THELEGENDGIANTDAD Law firm, because we are interested in your case!

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  • LenLawliet


    September 23, 2016 by LenLawliet

    So, I took a few days off for my B-Day and well, that was fun. I'll try to be on everyday now, and I'll keep the info for my OCs here.

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  • PinocchioMiku

    i'm fucking back bitches

    September 19, 2016 by PinocchioMiku

    After non-stop watching Love Live.

    Sorry if i just left Neki abandonned

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  • Lil' Shaddie The Gallade

    FC are stupid

    September 13, 2016 by Lil' Shaddie The Gallade

    Literally what is the point of them

    They are useless forms of currency to make this wiki interesting

    What is their purpose

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  • EmikoKaede


    August 30, 2016 by EmikoKaede

    Can anyone make this into a portrait? Thanks~

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  • Strawberry Imouto

    I'm leaving


    Mr Darcy is the only thing that can make me happy

    if I get banned for this I don't give a shit

    I'm done.

    Here are some shitty drawings I did in MS Paint, as well as this bullshit picture I photoshopped of YandereDev; it took me way longer than what it's worth.

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  • XxMeowzersxX

    Kisefan Store

    August 24, 2016 by XxMeowzersxX

    I'm pretty ticked off so all my unowned kisekaes from the Kisekae Junkyard go here now.

    • Low Quality - 1 FC
    • Medium Quality - 2 FC
    • High Quality - 3 FC
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    other wise I will be banned

    all hail the Democratic Peoples Republic of Boogia

    There will be no speaking out

    There will be no discourse

    There will be no critisim of the power structure

    There will only be worship of the wonderful land boog has created

    All hail boog

    And remember

    Big Boog is watching you. Always be on your best behavior, children of boog.

    (And no, im not trying to get my right to vote anymore. I would get warned for spam if that was the case.)

    (And this blog post fits in with the rules on blog posts, it is related to the wikia.)All hail boog.

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  • Leopard-chan

    I haven't been on the fanon wiki much, but I've just been browsing it as well as the canon wiki.

    And the character pages here are pretty much copies from the fanon and canon wiki.

    I think we need to clean them up.

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    This is the day the even known as the Great Silencing began. Apon saying the old username of [REDACTED], The founder of the wiki [REDACTED] proceded to delete the comment saying the name. When saying the name again, the user was then blocked for [REDACTED] amount of time. This block was then extended. People tried to protest, however [REDACTED] silenced them and [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED]. The user [REDACTED] proceded to say "Remember kids, if you say the word that starts with the letter [REDACTED] and ends with [REDACTED] you will be silenced. Such is life in the Democratic peoples of [REDACTED]ia." This comment was then silenced, and the thread it was in was closed.

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  • XxMeowzersxX

    Boog Bucks

    August 18, 2016 by XxMeowzersxX

    This currency is currently WIP.

    Please be aware the name and sole purpose belong to Jackboog21, as this is his idea, and was intended as a joke.

    To become a user of Boog Bucks, you must complete and turn in a registration form. Please note that not all people will be accepted.

    The Disney Dollars system works in an odd way. Unlike the other money systems, this has a public reward. For every ten Disney Dollars earned, you can schedule a Disney movie to be hosted by me. There are no limits on what the movie is, as long as it is Disney-related. You will also get to pick the time it starts, but it has to be a :00 time.

    This is another odd system. To earn Vegas Cash, you play Now, here …

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  • XxMeowzersxX

    New OC

    August 15, 2016 by XxMeowzersxX


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  • Chariot Dude

    Rip in peec

    August 15, 2016 by Chariot Dude

    this wiki is as dead as the chat

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  • Kawaii Derp

    Everything went well in my head, but then I awoke to find my comrades being two faced bitches because they just signed up for admin, and then. The meninist came for me. They could never defeat my feminism, therefore. Among those that are of satan, bitches, sluts, whores, slut shamers, and that of Jackboog. Somehow I came into this community but then I realized that it would help me by doing~! 

    Everyone is a slut and I slay them all, and then like that, you know, kys. My heart conists of two sides, bitchy and nice.

    " Can I beat the men? " I asked to my  other self.

    I ask myself, you tell those bitchces I said, AHHHH~!

    I just insticivley slayed your ass. But I wanted to say nothing to you.

    Bitching. Fighting, Satching weaves. Calling out sluts.


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  • Kawaii Derp

    Hey gurl, open your wallet it's sugar daddy market.

    Were gonna steal his money.

    When your wife walks away. Is when I start to slay. She looks like a horse feed her hay.

    "Mom gueeess what? I am a slut. And I have a way nicer butt."

    I wont stay in the kitchen, all of you men listen, because of our fun I am having your so-o-on.

    Money money, give me your money. Don't call me derpy unless you got some money, everyone thinks that were married, little do they know, Jack's just my sugar daddy.

    Big house big house, let me in your big house. Quiet as a mouse when I steal your dead grandma's blouse.

    Everyone. Thinks that were married. Little do they know that Jack's just my sugar daddy.

    S-I-M-O-L-E-O-N-S Isn't it funny how I steal all of his money? S-I-M-O-L…

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  • Chariot Dude

    Rip this wiki

    August 10, 2016 by Chariot Dude

    Recipes Yandere Fanon Wiki

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  • Kitsune-xchan


    August 9, 2016 by Kitsune-xchan

    Not sure yet.

    But honestly this wiki is close to inactive. Not many roleplays, fourm is mostly dead, not much activity, etc etc etc.

    I might return when it's more active.

    I'm not talking about (posted 1 hour ago) inactive. That shit is fine.

    Oh god yes I KNOW people have jobs and life and shit like that. But chat is inactive 99.9% of the time, fourms ok but not great and there's not many roleplays if you dont count the ones that only last 1 day and shit

    Oh shit now I sound like a bitch who doesn't care people have lifes outside the internet (I do care about that)

    (and yes i know it only opened on july 11th 2016)

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  • Jackboog21

    This is a list of all Yandere Simulator 2D Hairstyles.

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