Blood is a one shot written by Fanfic-chan.


Yuna Hina was walking down the hallway. Nobody was there, except her. There was no noise, except the sound of her footsteps on the floor. "Oh gosh, it's nearly 8, I think. Gotta get to class... c'mon, Yuna, quickly..." she whispered to herself, as her footsteps turned faster and faster with every step.

Finally, she was at Class 1-2. "I hope I'm not late..." she lifted up her finger and bit her nail. Learning things were very important to Yuna, as everyone who knows her knows. Breathing in slowly, she opened the door, looking at the floor, getting ready to be told off.

"I'm really sorry I-" Yuna stopped talking as she looked up. Blood was dripping down the walls. It dripped down on her as she looked around. Nobody was there... well, there was. If you count dead bodies. Sota Yuki and Juku Ren were on the floor. Dead.

"This... can't... it's just..." Yuna tried to convince herself it wasn't real. But deep down, she knew that it was real. "I need to tell someone.. I need to call the police." Tears running down her face, she turned around. She expected to see the open door. Instead, she saw Yandere-chan, a knife in her hand, ready to kill Yuna.

The room was filled with blood that day.

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