Boog Tech.™ is a company in Jackboog21's Universe. The company creates various things. They're one of SAIKOU Corps. biggest competitors.


  • Scratch proof discs.
  • A child's toy that looks like a dog but meows.
  • Bam392b34 - It's a camera.
  • Some sort of flying RC helicopter...or maybe it's a teapot. Even the company doesn't know.
  • Boogtop - A very powerful laptop.
  • Iboog - A phone that's been becoming quite popular.
  • Bootz - A radio...statistics show us it was a flop. The company counted it's losses and moved on. Almost no-one remembers the Bootz anymore.
  • Bam20.23c - An upcoming new camera announced earlier this year.
  • BoogGame - The BoogGame is a console set to release sometime this year. It will utilize Boog Techs. scratch proof discs. Many say it'll run SAIKOU Corp's consoles out.
  • BoogNGo - A rumored handheld console.
  • Boog&Now - Some leaked papers talk about a Boog&Now. Some think the Boog&Now is just an older name for the BoogNGo, but no-one's sure.


With the release of the BoogGame coming soon, some of the launch titles have already been announced.

  • Uppertrail - A highly hyped game about a sheep who teaches a child about peace and love.
  • The Legend of Potato - Another hyped game about a potato that saves his prince. Game developed by Potato Games™ with help from Boog Tech.™.
  • Pumpkin's Quest - Another game developed by Potato Games™ with help from Boog Tech.™. Not much is known about the game yet. Rumored to star a pumpkin.
  • In-Sanity - A horror game that is said to drain all of the player's sanity.


Despite being a tech company, they randomly announced 2 animes. People seem kinda shocked they did this.

  • Potato-Pumpkin-Salad-chan-kun - An anime about a giant robot made of food. Co produced by Potato Games™, for some reason.
  • The Last Dream - Nothing is known about this anime at this time.


  • Boog Tech. Hair Dye - They for some reason, began selling hair dyes not long ago. Their hair dye is known for the fact it changes the genetics of the person who uses it.
    • Bosenga Green - A shade of Harlequin green, this is their most popular dye.
    • Dream Cyan - A cyan dye, this is their second most popular color.
    • Taka Dishwater - A blonde hair dye. It sells okay, but isn't popular.
    • Lovely Purple - A popular purple hair dye. UPDATE: 4/17/2019 Lovely Purple has been recalled and discontinued.

Rumored Misc Products

  • It is rumored Boog Tech. may be researching and developing a cure for yanderism.
  • It is rumored Boog Tech. may be shooting a documentary about the life of Nim.


  • No-one knows who owns the company. However, some people in Buraza town are starting to think Takashi Fujimoto does.
    • This was fueled by the sudden increase in the Fujimoto wealth.
    • This has been even more fueled by Takashi some how having the BoogGame before it has even been released.
  • Bosenga Fujimoto became a model for them not long after she transferred to Akademi.
    • She mostly models hair products.
  • They pride themselves on knowing the difference from a copyright and a trademark.
  • They trademarked the phrase "In Boog we trust".
    • Some believe they have a secret cult and this is why they did it.
  • Their motto is "The future is now."
    • This is seen on their logo.
  • The hair dye Lovely Purple is rumored to be recalled because of the increased chance of being killed by high school girls with green hair. Though, this is only a rumor.

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