The Comedy Club is a fan made Club that Yandere-chan can join. It's the only club that changes its activity on what week it is. It will cut the reputation loss when caught laughing maniacally completely (people will just assume you thought of a funny joke) and will add the Joke option to the Talk menu. You'll also not get in trouble if your sanity is slightly degraded (but you'll still get in trouble if you're fullblown insane). If you win the joke minigame, you'll get a huge reputation boost. If you fail, you'll get a slight reputation pull down and you won't be able to tell another joke to that person until the next day. The same conditions of other clubs apply, if the number of members drops too low or if the leader dies, the club will disband and if you don't attend club activities or if the leader or a member of the club sees you commit murder, you will be unable to join or you will be kicked out. The leader is Shigeki Meiwakuna.


"You won't get a penalty for laughing maniacally, you can boost your reputation with jokes, and you won't get a penalty for getting caught with medium sanity or higher." - The menu description of the club benefits.

"The club satirizes a childhood friend break up." - Week 1 club activity

"The club reenacts a cooking mishap." - Week 2 club activity

"The club mocks the snobs that walk the school." - Week 3 club activity

"The club make very bad puns about monsters." - Week 4 club activity

"The club creates funny costumes out of spare sports equipment." - Week 5 club activity

"The club dresses up as delinquents and mocks the group." - Week 6

"The club makes a skit about a very silly nurse." - Week 7 club activity

"The club makes slightly risqué jokes." - Week 8 club activity

"The club practice standup comedy about a sister who loves her brother a bit too much." - Week 9 club activity

"The club makes a funny skit out of an election." - Week 10 club activity.