Denwa Chudoku
Denwa Chudoku
Student Info
Role Geek Club President
Occupation Student
Class 3-2
Club Geek Club
Age 18
Persona Sleuth
Crush None
Strength Extensive self-defense training
Appears Week 0

Denwa Chudoku is oc student of Danielishere. He is a president of Geek Club.

About (WIP)

He similiar to Midori Gurin,but he is surfs on the net,watches anime or reads mangas. He can be found in the rooftop or Geek Club.

He also hangs around with Airi Shidesu: the girl who has a crush on Denwa.


He is sleuth. He is not a member of Photography Club,but he always carries phone. So,If he see a corpse,he will take a picture of the killer and hides. If police comes, gives the picture to the police. This means,arrested.


His crush is none. But he likes Midori Gurin,but just likes. If Airi confesses love to Denwa,he will accept.

Gallery (WIP)


  • His name and surname means phone addict. (Denwa Chūdoku)
  • His first crush is Airi Shidesu,and second crush is Midori Gurin. But its changed.
  • He inspired from a anime picture.
  • Portrait by Danielishere,base by Hømøzygosis

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