Dori Tosu
Student Info
Role Unknown
Occupation Student
Class 3-1
Club Light Music Club
Age 18
Persona Tasty
Crush None
Strength Incapable of self-defense
Appears Unknown
=~>. [ This is EwImTrash's OC. Please refrain from using this OC for anything, or editing it without looking at the infobox first! ] <~=


Dori was born to nacho chip and cheese. She was a human, but edible. She tasted like Doritos. Dori went on with her life, and wasn't shy about her taste. She ended up at Akedemi, and goes there to this day.


Dori is kind, sweet, the whole package. She is also edible. She gets butthurt about almost everything.


Tasty is a persona only used by foods. If foods with the tasty persona see the murder of their best friend, they will grow giant kawaii eyes in hopes you won't eat them. Complimenting a tasty food will result in them saying "DON'T EAT ME! I'M NOT TASTY!".


"DON'T EAT ME! I'M NOT TASTY!" ~When complimenting Dori

"Okay, now you're just saying this to be nice.." ~When complimenting Dori after you complimented her the day before.

" *grows giant kawaii eyes* Ah~ :3 " ~When Dori witnesses a murder.

"Jam? Seriously? You HAVE to show that to me today? Really?" ~Dori seeing blood on a student or a weapon in a student's hand.

"Jam. Really? Jam. Someone HAD to leave some jam lying around. Thanks a lot, someone." ~Dori seeing a pool of blood.

"Wow. This school is dark enough. You just had to make it darker. Thanks a lot." ~Dori witnessing a murder on low atmosphere.

"Kidnapping? You just had to kidnap me today? Why not Friday? I don't have anything to do Friday! Typical Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, huh?" ~Dori when kidnapped.

"What the heck, man. You're crazy." ~Dori seeing an insane student.

"You HAD to dump water on me. REALLY?! I didn't want this." ~Dumping water on Dori, excluding her task.

"Jam. You dumped jam on me. Should I get the ketchup?! Huh? UGH!" ~Dori having blood dumped on her.

"Occult/Martial Arts Club? Really? That's sad, man." ~Dori seeing a student with the Martial Arts Headband or the Occult Club choker.

"Yeah, sure. I'm going to follow some student I don't know." ~Asking Dori to follow you when you haven't completed your task.

"Well, you helped me. I guess. Let's go." ~Asking Dori to follow you after you have completed her task.

"Well, since you're here. I do have something I need." ~Asking to complete Dori's task.

"I need you to dump water on me. Yup. You heard right, dump water. I want my cheesy taste to be gone for a day." ~Dori's task

"Wow. Next time don't ask..." ~Declining Dori's task

"Mkay. Thanks." ~Accepting Dori's task

"Thanks. I owe you one. But only one." ~Completing Dori's task.


[ Comment some questions for Dori, and she will answer them! ]

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