Hush Mason, we wouldn't want anyone finding out now would we?
— Eisuke Major


Eisuke Major was the father of Mason Major, and Lucy Major. He met his wife Jessica when he went on a business trip to America. After they met they became friends and eventually fell in love and got married a year later. A few months went by and they had Lucy, Mason's sister, than another year later they had their son Mason. They had a happy life together, but eventually they had gotten more and more busy with their jobs especially Jessica. Eisuke owned the famous company known as Maichirusoft(yes I know,, very original) and his wife worked as a lawyer. Eisuke eventually had a lot more time on his hands so he started to spend more time with his children, Mason and Eisuke grew especially close. However, Mason was especially troubled, he attempted to seduce his father many times but Eisuke had resisted his urges many times as well. However, he eventually succumbed to his needs and decided to call it "playing around" this eventually led to a very, very, messed up relationship between him and his son, and Eisuke very well knew how wrong it was. Eisuke questioned himself many times before, "what are my limits?" "how much farther can this go on?" "I'm sick" "I have to stop this" though eventually once more, he succumbed to it. Mason eventually realised how wrong this was and asked his father if they can stop however, Eisuke didn't take this to lightly. Mason slapped him as defense when Eisuke started to get violent leading Eisuke to rape Mason. Mason, traumatized by the event ran to his room and began to cry leaving Eisuke feeling shameful of himself. Eisuke left the house to take a moment to think, Mason however was not safe. Mason had some trouble at school with a certain gang leader, and he was after him. Once he got home, he was about to kill Mason, but Eisuke got there just in time, he was able to save Mason, dispose of the body, and put Mason to bed. That was one of their only touching moments, but Eisuke believed he didn't deserve redemption after he what he had done so when Mason was asleep he gave him a drug to make him forget. A few years went by, the abuse continued, Lucy did her worse, ran away, and like you know, caused the accident. Mason ended up surviving hoping to see Mason after a few years and try to be forgiven.


Eisuke was male. He had reddish-orange hair with yellow eyes and wore a black tuxedo and red tuxedo.


  • he works as a teacher at Akademi, in class 3-2
  • WIP


Mason Major: His son, he abused him sexually and raped him when he was a child. He wants to reconnect with Mason and eventually make peace with him, however that's basically impossible.

Lucy Major: His daughter, she enjoyed seeing him make Mason suffer however she still hated him. If she sees him she will not hesitate on killing him.

Jessica Major: His wife, died hating him

Kisekae Code

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