I'm so sorry, I know it is English Wiki, but a lot of this text is in polish language or aren't correct english grammar. With time I'll be translate this but you can help with translatle.
Emil Lavrov
Student Info
Role Unknown
Occupation Student
Class 3-1
Club Sewing
Age 19
Persona Evil
Crush Inkyu Basu
Strength Can self-defense
Appears Unknown
Emil Vladimir Ivor Lavrov (EVIL) – student Akademi High School.


He's 19 years old and is in class 3-1. His persona is evil. He is russian. He is in the Sewing Club. He has a crush on Inkyu Basu. He has an older sister, Emila Lavrov. He always has a knife. His favourite colours are red and brown.


He was born in Moskow, Russia. He moved to Buraza Town when he was four years old.


He has long blond hair, brown eyes and red glasses. He wears a dark uniform. On his left wrist he has a red watch.


7:30AM: He comes to school.
7:36AM: He goes to roof and talks with the Basu sisters.
8:00AM: He goes to the Cafeteria and buys a drink.
8:17AM-1:00PM: He goes to class.
1:00-1:25PM: He goes behind the school to smoke ciggarets.
1:25-3:30PM: He goes to class.
3:30-5:46PM: He goes to the Sewing Club.
5:46PM: He goes home.


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