Erey Ippongo belongs to Vincent Van Nogh.


Describe him as much as you want here, M8.

oops lol forgot this at first

You can see a drawing of him on the info box, silly doofus.

His fang is from him deciding to file his teeth one night. He would have 2, but Ryuto walked in on him doing it, called him a fag, and told on him. I mean, telling on him wasnt necessary, because his parents would find out as soon as he left the bathroom, but meh. lol.


Erey is a sleuth. He will prowl (Erewolf much) around the school if he even realises there's a multimurder case in his school, hoping to find the murderer. If there isn't a murder case, he's the happiest person ever. He acts retarded for fun but is actually one of the smartest people in school.

Social interaction stuff goes here

what social interaction

What he would want to be as an adult goes here

he wants to be a secret agent/king of the universe but later decides owning a music store is more possible, has less responsibility, and is more fun


Classroom 2-1

His classmates. Have fun talking about these derps, Fenrir.

ehh, thanks, mar senpai. Uhhhhh he's like super loud in class and stuff. I don't know. Nobody likes him really, except Gamer Kensi and Choderp

Every other Ippongo

Knock yourself out with this one

no, not knocking myself out, i think I'm going to the science center today. Ehh. I guess they think he's cool or something. Ryuto absolutely despises him. Uh.... Sayaka likes him? he taught her how to play the nutshack theme on piano so yea lol

tatsu's description of him: "Big brother with weirdly coloured eyes who likes this one girl too much who almost murdered my other big brother with a nail and a hammer. Still love him though."

Sanyu Yeiutakoro

She sort of needs a small space here

yup. He'd kill for sanyu and stuffs. He needs to calm the fuck down lol murder doesn't exactly attract women

Kei Kensi

she thinks he's nice but weird. she usually shrugs it off, though.

Akira Kensi

he thinks Erey's a bit annoying, but thinks he's alright, usually.

Gamer Kensi

gamer wants to suck erey's dick and vice versa

Konata Kensi

she thinks erey's too over the top but still thinks he's nice


  • Erey scores 28 on the Mary Sue Litmus Test.
  • Just use bullet points for the rest of his additional information.
  • kk. I first used him in Ayano's Harem
  • ImperialHeart wrote most of this page for me
  • For Erey's task, you need to find his ferret, Garth. He is located on the roof, near Midori. You lure him with some of Tatsu Ippongo's pastries, which Erey provides when you accept the task.
  • He lives up to his name's meaning: "Saint, holy man."
  • The saint he lives up to is Saint Jimmy.
  • He has an albino ferret named Garth, and a Peregrine falcon named Wayne. They are named after the main characters of Wayne's World.
  • he can play bass, ukulele, guitar, trumpet, and piano.
  • one of the only cool things about him is that he was born right on the turn of the century (1/1/2000 at 00:00)
  • Erey also has a pet dog, named Paprika. Tatsu named her.

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