Erey Ippongo belongs to Vincent Van Nogh. don't edit this fucking garbage. it's not worth it.


i'll get around to a new fucking drawing any time between now or the end of fucking time.

for now, here's his description.

he has weird black emo hair that can still be spiked up if he wants, pink tips on that shit, a face that could fucking look handsome if he cared about his appearance, but alas, he does not, a steve harwell beard, a green eye, and an amber eye. he filed his teeth to get a fang. as the info box says, he's 5'5" at age 17, and 140 pounds. his casual wear is usually a skeleton jacket with a zipup hood, band shirts, black skinny jeans, combat boots, fingerless gloves, and a ravenclaw scarf. his sleepwear is like 3 hoodies and flannel jammie pants. he also wears napoleon dynamite glasses (not ironically, he fucking needs them) at home or whenever he just doesn't give enough fucks to put on contacts. all his outfits are fucking COVERED in hair of various animals. his fam has a lot.


erey's a fucking sleuth or some shit. i don't know or care.

he acts like a complete fucking moron for the lols. he's really a genius that's too fucking anxious or something. again, don't care. he's garbage.

erey gets pretty damn mad if you call him erey, btw.


uh, he has a few friends, i guess. ryuta fukurai, his fam, and idk. miki hirozumi wants to fuck him. i have no clue why. same with sanyu yeiutakoro. they're beautiful ladies with great personalities that can get any guy or girl they want and they settled with erey. it's really sad. also, there's haruo kireina. he doesn't really have a great personality, but he's a fucking beautiful kween, and he has money. lots. and he settled fOR ELFBOY. THIS IS TOO FUCKING SAD. also, in some rps, i guess ryuta likes erey. he's kind of cute in my opinion but his personality sucks. no clue if he has money. so, ryuta settling for erey kind of makes sense.


  • he has too many fucking animals
  • he has too many fucking siblings
  • he has too many fucking S/Os
  • he plays too many fucking instruments