Galleta Shutoru is an OC owned and created by EwImTrash. Please do not add false information!


Galleta has black hair, pasty skin, and grey wolf ears and tail. She wears the default school uniform (not shown in pic) unless customized.


Galleta can me playful and fun-loving, but she is also very careful and sweet.


Galleta has the "Childish" persona. These types of people act very weird towards others, which causes their reputation to get lowered. Some people with this persona act very immature or they're very sensitive. These guys can get bullied easily just because of their behavior. If someone with this persona witnesses you commit murder they will run out of the school and run home and tell their parents(or guardian) all about what just happened. They will do the same thing if they witness a body. If you hold a weapon near them they will run away and tell a teacher. If they see blood on the ground or on someone's uniform they would just think it's ketchup and walk away. These types of people can be dumb so they will accept any apology and/or gossip no matter how outrageous it is.



Midori Gurin, Inkyu Basu, Sakyu Basu, Mai Waifu

These are all the people Galleta is friends with. She will regularly be seen hanging out with them.

Martial Artists

Budo Masuta, Shima Shita, Mina Rai, Sho Kunin, Juku Ren

Galleta will try to avoid these people, for she think they will stomp on her like an aggravated horse to an expired squash.


  • Galleta's first name means "cookie" in Spanish.
    • Her last name means "strudel" in Japanese
  • Her favorite number is 3.141592683
  • Her favorite animal is the person
  • Besides cooking, Galleta likes painting, ripping up streamers, and collecting celebrity socks.
  • Galleta's favorite game is "Pokemon Sun and Moon".


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