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Hareo is a student at Akidemi high in his second year, He has 3 siblings and is the oldest of all of the Kensi Siblings. Everyone calls him Gamer.


Hareo Has very spiky brown hair, and brown eyes.


Hareo Is very shy when meeting new people, However if he knows you and is friends with you he opens up

a lot. If he witnesses a murder he will pull out his phone and take a picture even if he wasn't using it before.

The next day 'if he wasn't caught by the murderer' he will avoid the murderer as much as possible.


Kei Kensi

Hareo and Kei are siblings, Hareo being the older one he can be protective of her. She is okay with this And loves Him because siblings.

Akria Kensi

Hareo and Akria are siblings, Akria thinks Gamer is a nerd, but still loves him.

Konata Kensi

Hareo and Konata are siblings, Konata thinks Gamer is very nice and supportive and loves him.


  • Hareo Gets his nick name from...well because he is in the Gaming club.
  • Hareo is afraid of roller coasters and pretty much everything else


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