Haruko Shinozaki is an OC of Jlmc12345678910.




In his first design, he had a brown version of Riku's hair with a ghoul-like red eye he also had a lot more designs after that. His current design though, has messy, long, brown hair with dark brown eyes and an eye patch on his right eye.


  • Walks into school reading manga.
  • Goes to rooftop and reads manga till class time.
  • Goes to class 2-1.
  • Plays guitar in the light music club and eats his bento during lunch.
  • Goes to class at the end of lunch.
  • Leaves school, though sometimes interupted by bullies.


  • Is rumored to have an incestuous relationship with his older sister Mai due to their frighteningly close relationship, however they always openly deny it.
  • He gets bullied daily,and is known as an "outsider" however he does not think much of it. His sister Mai always defends him in these situations but because of this her reputation goes down, because of this she spends her time alone on the roof away from the other students, she has lunch with her brother on the rooftop on Fridays.
  • He is sadistic and perverted, he frequently enjoys watching violence.
  • He is rumored to have a seductive and sexual nature.
  • There are rumors that he has slept with multiple different girls AND boys.
  • He is in love with his close friend Sumato Shisoka though he Denys it, which Sumato finds cute.


ugh! what the hell do you want Mason! I told you not to call anymore especially at school! Look Mason I said-- WAIT you know about that..?! ugh you are such a pain in the ass! I swear if you even think about telling Mai about th- OKAY FINE! FINE! its a deal! I'll meet you after school. You really are completely and utterly pathetic
— Haruko's Secret Friday call
Well uh, Its not too big a deal but... is it okay if you can please hep me find my guitar? I've been looking everywhere for it but I still can't find it! I hope this isn't to much of a bother but.. can you please find it for me? I unfortunately don't have enough time to look for it now...
— Haruko's Task
I understand, sorry for wasting your time
— If you refuse his task
You'll find it for me? really?! thanks a ton!
— If you accept his task
wow! thats my quitar! you found it! thank you so much!
— If you complete his task



Mai Shinozaki: His older sister, he is rumored to have inappropriate incestuous feelings towards her.

Sumato Shisoka: His boyfriend, claims he doesn't love him, which Sumato finds cute.

Aimi Miki: hates her, calls her a "stereotypical Starbucks white girl looking ass bitch"

Mei Katsura: Is close friends with her.

Kisekae Code

By me:


By TheFunGame:



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