Hason Shitahana
Student Info
Role Rival,
Club Leader
Class 2-3
Club Gardening
Age 17
Persona Corrupt
Crush Senpai
Strength Unknown
Appears Unknown

Hason Shitahana is the president, and founder, of the Gardening club.


She has green tritails and green eyes. She has red stockings. She also wears the club leader armband.


In a fight shortly before the game begins with current president of the Gardening Club, Deforuto Moto, Hason split the club in a sort of "revolution". The majority of members left the club and formed the Gardening club.

Through manipulation and other things, the club quickly became official.


Deforuto Moto

Hason hates Deforuto, and Deforuto knows this. Before their fight, they never really got along, but there seemed to be mutual respect. Killing Deforuto on her week will have some impact on Hason's.

Kohana Gaden

Kohana believes Hason to be her best friend. They first met during a lunch break while Kohana was talking to a group of boys obsessing over her.

Osoro Shidesu

Osoro and Hason don't get along, but have never actually met. They've only communicated by other means. They currently are at peace.

Delinquent Gang

The delinquents have a general consensus of hating Hason, and try to keep as much private information they have away from her in fear.

"Lesser" Delinquent Gang


  • Unlike other rivals, she's implied to actually be at the school on the weeks leading up to her's.


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