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Hey there m8! May I ask what you are doing here? This OC is owned by LlamacornsXD. Please ask her before you edit this page. Grammar/Spelling Fixing is OK. Have a nice day!

Hatasia is an OC made by LlamacornsXD because why not -.-


She is a loner. She dislikes attenion and likes to read by herself. She will run home and call them police if she sees murder. She will cover her face if you take pictures of her.


She is in the Book club. She likes reading. She is the leader.


Hatasia is average sized, has brown hair in two small pigtails and dark blue eyes. Although she is a club leader, she doesn't have a armband. She has a special bracelet from the book club, similar to how Oka has a special choker in the Occult club rather than the normal one. The normal one has 1 book reading: 尊敬は優しさです. Hatasia's bracelet says 3 words: Respect, Teamwork and Leadership.


  • She likes reading
  • Her sister, Luna Manai, is a year older than her

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