please ask me if you wanna use my rabbit son!!


Hiro was born from enjo kosai. His mother constantly had different men and women at there house, some sexually abusing Hiro. To top that off, he also has a younger sister, whom he's had to constantly look after since age 6. This caused him to become a delinquent, from the neglect and lack of love from anybody (excluding his sister).

One day, he was coming back from a crazy night with the delinquents. As he was walked through the old train tracks, he heard chanting from a long abandoned, old carriage.

"Lapin, male se transforme en lapin...lapin..." They said softly. He looked to take a peek at them, and was splashed by freezing cold water. As he ran home, he noticed some physical changes were occurring. Before long, his form was that of a baby rabbit. He was found by Tatsu Ippongo at school, who branded him Kaito. Now, whenever he touches water he turns into a rabbit. However, it does not work vice versa, he turns back into a human from times ranging to a month to 10 minutes.


As a human, Hiro is very tall at 6" 5 and muscular. He often looks angry, which fits his delinquent-ness. He has wood coloured short hair.

As a rabbit, Hiro is very small and cute. Tatsu often comments on his cuteness.


Hiro is often angry, abrasive and aggressive. He is a tsundere. He will open to people he likes, and trusts, such as Tatsu. He will get considerably kinder, and do selfless acts for them.

He is very protective of his younger sister. He is quite smart, but doesn't go to class because he often skips it with the delinquents.


Tatsu Ippongo

He likes her a lot, and has a crush on her. He often goes to her bakery to buy pastries and stuff for his sister.


He loves her more than anybody else, and protects her a lot.

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