Honoka Saito
HonokaSaito Portrait
Student Info
Role Rival's Friend
Class Unknown
Club Light Music
Age 16
Persona Loner
Crush Ichiro Yamamoto
Strength Unknown
Appears Unknown

Honoka Saito is an OC created by Jackboog21.



Honoka is a mostly quiet person, but can be very assertive when she needs to be.


During her childhood she never had many friends and would talk to flowers. During middle school she met Yume and the 2 became instant best friends.

The week before high school started she originally signed up to be a member of Gardening Club, but very shortly after he club split. So she decided to play it safe and join Light Music, since music was her second passion. She did consider joining Martial Arts Club since Yume was the president, but was intimidated by Rikia's seriousness with the club and decided it was best to just stick with Light Music.


Yume Fujimoto

She is Yume Fujimoto's best friend.

Ichiro Yamamoto

If Ichiro is not killed during Deforuto Moto's week, Honoka will attempt to talk to him several times on Yume's week. The player can influence this


  • Her 3 favorite musicians are: Ludwig van Beethoven, Josei Kashu, and Katy Clarkson.
    • It's possible she might not actually like Katy Clarkson and just says she does because Katy is Yume's favorite artist. This is only supported by the fact she never listens to the music and doesn't know any English.


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