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Inosento Gakusei
Kiskae Girl1
Student Info
Role Unknown
Occupation Student
Class 2-1
Club Gaming Club
Age 17
Persona Weak
Crush None
Strength Incapable of self-defense.
Appears Unknown


Inosento, or Ino, was a normal student at Akedemi in 1989. She was cheerful, kawaii, and very deredere and moe. Her mom died when she was little, but it never affected her much. Ino was sassy when she was little, and got butthurt too easily. She outgrew that before she died. The last day of her life was most inportant. Ino's best friend was Mono Chuchi, and school girl one year younger who had a crush on Senpai. Ino and Mono were strolling around the school one day, looking for a seat to sit down and eat lunch at. Once they found a bench, (the same one Kokona sits to eat her lunch when you can poison her) Ino went to get some ice cream and Popsicle's. She came back to the sight of Ryoba murdering Mono, and fainted. Ryoba thought when Ino woke up, she wuld call the police and incinerated both the girls. Now, Ino is a ghost at Akedemi. She tries to stay as hidden as possible, as she is slightly visible to see with a strong eye.


Before School: Ino heads to the Computer Lab and posses the computer Pippi uses to play her game. She stays there until both Pippi and Ryuto leave and goes to Class 2-1.

Class Session 1: Ino stays in Class 2-1 to remember the days when she was still alive.

Lunch: Ino usually roams around the areas where rivals are, such as the lunchroom and Occult Club. Sometimes she watches Yandere-chan knowing she is Ryoba's daughter.

Class Session 2: Thinking she has learned enough for the day, Ino watches Yandere-chan for this class session.

After School: Ino is summoned by the clumsy Occult Club trying to get a demon and not a ghost. Knowing the club will realize her ghostly aura has left the room, she rewrites a few books to hold true facts about demons, angels and ghosts until they are done.


"Murder! YOU MURDERER! I..I think I'm gonna....*faints*" ~When witnessing a murder

"Blood? Is that blood? Where did that blood come from?" ~When seeing blood on a student, weapon or in a pool on the ground

"Is that a [weapon name]? What are you going to do with that thing?!" ~When seeing a weapon in a students hand

"Is that a dead body?! It is! NO! OH NO OH NO! EEEEK! *faints*" ~When seeing a student dragging or carrying a corpse

"What the hell....are you okay?" ~When seeing an insane student

"Why did I say that? Nobody can hear me..." ~After saying one of her planned quotes.

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Kiskae Girl1

Ino's Portrait Made by EwImTrash

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