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Jasuki is a normal, average high-school girl. She has Black hair that covers one eye, and hazel eyes. She wears the default uniform unless customized by the player. Her bust size is the average for a high school girl.


As a child, Jasuki had many Fake friends. This is because Jasuki's name was difficult to say. She had only Two real friends. She was disliked by Bosenga Fujimoto And many other purple haters. She was very stubborn, and was mistreated at school. Kohana Gaden Found her in a corner of the Drama club room, crying and saying to herself things that others said, like "Your so stupid." Kohana helped her up and said "It's going to be alright." The two became friends for life.

When she entered middle school, Jasuki had a nickname, and it was Jai. People could say her name much better, and she gained many friends. Kohona was still her favorite, though.

Since entering high school, Jasuki had many friends, but at the middle of the of the day, she sat on a bench and gossiped with Kohona.


Jasuki is selfless at the most, often helping others. However, when it comes to her own safety, she saves herself first. She is smart, and gets good grades. As a child, her parents loved all three of their children, and one of them was Jasuki.

Jasuki's personality changes depending on the situation. For a example, when auditioning for a role, she doesn't care about others, except for Kohona.


"You-You...FREAKING BITCH! You killed them! Your not gonna get away with this!"

-When witnessing a murder

"It's not school picture day, ya know."

-Pointing the camera at the player when in the photograhy club

"You shouldn't bring a ______ to school..."

-When seeing a weapon


-When Seeing A Corspe/Blood

"Oh, GREAT. Now some FREAKIN Yandere bitch kinnapped me, and made ME rott in DISPARE!!"

-When with 100% - 29% sanity

"Please...Let me go..."


"Can something for me?"

-Asking about a task

"Good luck!"

-Accepting her task

"Oh, PLEASE. Your SO pathetic, thinking YOUR smarter than ME just because you don't a plushie? PATHETIC."

-Denied her task

"W-wow! You found it? Thanks a lot!"

-Completing her task

"Did someone REALLY dump a FRICKING Bucket of water on me?!?! BITCH!!"

-Throwing a bucket of water on her


-To Bosenga

"Why are you acting like a BITCH?!??!"

-When seeing the player insane


Kohona Gaden

Jasuki hides the fact that she is planning to get plastic surgery to Kohona. She has a love for green and thus can't express it to her. They are good friends.


Its a Love-Hate friendship.

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