Jerry Can is a joke OC created by EwImTrash. Please do not add false information. Thanks!

Jerry Can
Student Info
Role Unknown
Occupation Student / Professional Gasoline
Class Unknown
Club Gardening Club
Age Unknown
Persona Apathetic
Crush Bucket
Strength Incapable of self-defense
Appears Unknown


Jerry Can was all alone for many years of his life. Nobody noticed him. He had no friends or family. Until one day Jerry gained the ability to walk! He walked all the way to Yandere Dev and put a gun to his head. Jerry would pull the trigger if Dev didn't add him to Yandere Simulator. Dev did as told and Jerry was added into Yandere Simulator! All Jerry wanted to do since he was implemented was explore when nobody is looking.


Jerry is very curious and imaginative. He hates people, but loves being useful.


Jerry is Apathetic. If the player tries to take a picture of him, he will not care or stop for them. If they kill anyone in front of Jerry, he will be too busy exploring to care.


His Fellow Students

Jerry hates people, but he hates teens the most. "Get off your phones," he says to them.

The Rainbow 12

Jerry hates them all, excluding Yui. He admires her red hair.


Jerry has a crush on bucket, and enjoys filling her up.


Jerry is afraid Matches will take Bucket away from him. He will do anything to stop Matches, such as Yandere-chan would do anything for her Senpai.

Q & A

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