Kami Hidaka is IHAVENOCLUE2468's first OC. She attends Akademi High School.


Her father died a month after she turned 14 and her mother, causing them to move to where they are at the moment. She's an insomniac.

At her old town, she and her friend spray painted the wall of a bully's house even though the bully was trying to stop bullying people. She had misjudged the bully really badly.


Kami as a 15 year old (Made by me)

She ran away from home for 3 weeks after her father died.

On her 15th birthday, she cut her hair and dyed it blue. For a month, she got her skin spray painted to a weird colour to match with her hair, got coloured eye contacts and wore green lipstick. It didn't go well and she was called Trash Heap for the whole month.


She has bags under her eyes due to her insomnia. Her hair is absolute hell to manage. Animal bites on her legs (See Personality.)


She's an animal lover and easily befriends animals, hence the bites on her legs. She's pretty good at singing. Sometimes, she's kind of an asshole for no reason. She's kinda egotistical about her hair because she wakes up at 3:45 AM to take care of it. She's always in a rush.


The Rainbow Six Girls: She hates all of them because she thinks that they are conceited, but she won't participate in bullying Kokona.

Staff: Unless they're incredibly stupid, she respects them.


She has dropped her hairbrush in the gym and she wants it back. If her task is rejected, she'll say, "Eh, ok. Whatever."

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