Kasai Watashi
Kasai Watashi
Student Info
Role Unknown
Class 2-1
Club Gaming
Age Unknown
Persona Dandere
Crush Sora Sosuke
Strength Unknown
Appears Unknown



Anime, Manga, Cats, Osomatsu-san (The most popular anime in japan irl), More is to be added soon.


The delinquents, Yandere's, Fire, Mirai nikki, More is to be added soon.

What this student is attracted to:

  • The act of covering up one eye
  • Cyan hair
  • Wisdom
  • The act of being a teachers pet (Oddly enough)



Like yandere-chan, her mother is also a yandere, causing her to have a fear of her mother, and soon, a fear of yandere's themselves.


When her father found out that he was going to have a child, he was worried about her becoming a yandere just like her mother. This stressed him out to the point where he committed suicide. This was before kasai was born, so she never saw her father in person, and only saw him through pictures.


  • She is pushed around by the delinquents often, causing her to not like them.
  • Has a fear of yandere's, which explains why she strongly dislikes the anime "Mirai Nikki".
  • Easily gets crushes on people, causing her to have more than one crush. However, she likes sora sosuke the most out of her many crushes.

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