Kasumi Hayashi
Student Info
Role Student
Class 1-2
Club Gaming
Age 16
Persona Coward
Crush none
Strength Incapable of self-defence
Appears Week 1
This oc belongs to Allora, ask her for permission to edit/use. Thank you

Port credits:gelangwielt, pumpkinhero2 and Akuma Natsume.



Kasumi is a short yet extremely busty girl, usually annoyed and ashamed of how she has grown. Kasumi has blue hair with her bangs dyed white and red eyes. She hates how her body has developed, and at such a young age.


Kasumi constantly hates her appearance, the only thing she likes about it is her hair and eye color. She is an upcoming youtuber who barely gets sleep and is already earning money. The reason she hates her appearance is that half of the comments on youtube is about her bust size.



Kasumi is not close with any of her relatives, due to her youtube career, she is seemingly shut from the outside world. The only communications she has with her family are rare and very quick. She is likely to move out very soon, most likely to forget her relatives and work.

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