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Kei Kensi is a student at Akademi High. She has two brothers, Akira and Gamer Kensi, and a sister, Konata Kensi. Gamer is her older brother, and she, Konata, and Akira are triplets.


Kei has long, reddish-brown hair with two short plaits on the sides. Her eyes are light brown that are the same shade as Gamer's.


Kei has the creative persona, which means if she sees a murder, she will use things around her to defend herself against the murderer. She'll find creative ways to stalk and catch the killer in the act.

Out of the 4, she is definitely the nicest. However, if she finds out you messed with her siblings, or if she catches you murdering, she will bring absolute hell upon you, so beware.


Gamer Kensi

Kei's older brother. Gamer is a fan of Kei's art, and loves her very much because siblings.

Akira Kensi

Kei's brother of the same age. Akira thinks she's weird because she loves art so much, but, again, loves her very much because siblings.

Konata Kensi

Kei's sister. Konata thinks Kei is really nice and loves her very much because, like the boys, siblings.

Erey Ippongo

Erey thinks she and her drawings are radical. He doesn't love her because they're not siblings. Well, he loves her as a friendo, I guess.


  • She is almost always drawing or painting


Coming soon!

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