Kellie Kaypopp
Student Info
Role Student
Class 2-3
Club Gaming
Age 17
Persona Popptart
Crush None
Strength Unknown
Appears Unknown
Voice KPopp
(audio taken from videos)

Kellie Kaypopp is a student who appears in Yandere Simulator 2D.


Kellie has long brown hair and light blue eyes. She wears orange and blue striped stockings.


Kellie is known for warning people she will bring out the advice ball, and usually does. Some believe the advice ball might be the reason she can never be killed as it deflects attacks.

She also commonly calls strangers Grace or Trip.


Pippi Osu

Pippi was the first member of Gaming to meet Kellie. They get along well.

Ryuto Ippongo


Rina Fujimoto

Kellie hasn't met Rina but has heard of her. Many people think they share a lot in common.

Yume Fujimoto

Because Kellie is American, Yume really wants to get to know her. However, Kelly finds Yume a bit annoying.

Ai Hayashi

Every morning Kellie sees Ai under a tree with Potato-kun and says "Hi, Grace!" to her.

Kitino Ashi

Kellie finds her more annoying than Yume Fujimoto.


Don't make me bring out the advice ball!
— When trying to kill her in Yandere Simulator 2D.


  • She is a parody of the YouTuber KPopp.
  • She is an American transfer student.
  • Kellie's crush used to be Popptart Manlytart, however this was changed when she gained the Popptart persona.
    • Popptart Manlytart are the names KPopp gives her fans.
  • Kellie's name was changed from Kelly Kpopp to Kellie Kaypopp to be more parody-ish.
  • Some say her advice ball weighs 70 pounds, and some even say it weighs 5 tons.
    • 95% of people hit with it are left unconscious.
  • Someone in the Science club once tried to find out what the advice ball was made out of. He was quoted saying, after being hit by her 20 times, "That ball must of been made by aliens. Though, further research is needed for a conclusive answer."
  • In the final version of Yandere Simulator 2D, killing her will unlock her stockings.
    • However, it will be extremely hard to kill her. She may be the only "regular" student with an exclusive elimination method.


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