Kohana Gaden
Student Info
Role Student,
Rival's Friend
Class 2-3
Club Gardening
Age 16
Persona Social Butterfly
Crush None
Strength Incapable
Appears Unknown

Kohana Gaden is a student created by Jackboog21.


She has purple pigtails and purple eyes.


She appears sweet and kind to most. But she actually just likes being the center of attention.


Hason Shitahana

Kohana believes Hason is her best friend.

Yume Fujimoto

If Kohana is killed before Yume's week, their relationship is only briefly touched on during Hason's week. If she's still alive by Yume's week, she'll play a minor role.

Bosenga Fujimoto

Bosenga has tried to kill Kohana almost daily.


  • Her name is supposed to mean "Little flower garden".

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