Kohana Mikuo is an OC made by Antoninko. She is up for adoption, and her price is 39 Fan Coins.


Kohana has red hair, tied into two long twintails. One bang is hiding her left eye. Her eyes are white.


Kohana is shy and mysterious. When a camera is pointed at her she will hide her face.


Kohana was born in a town called Lavender Town. When she was ten-years-old, someone killed her parents and kidnapped her while she was sleeping. They took her left eye and left scratches on her arms. The next day, she was moving with them into a town called Strange Town. It was in the middle of nowhere. She went to school everyday like a normal girl, but when she got home, she was used for experiments.

When she turned 16, she escaped, stole the money they had, and got a train ticket to Buraza Town. When she arrived, she lived in an small apartment. After a few days, she got accepted into Akademi High School. She works as an cleaner in a coffee shop.




"Oh... Thanks." - When complimented once.

"Are you faking?" - When complimented more than once in one day.

"Are you gonna kill somebody?" - When seeing a student holding a knife. (-10 Rep.)

"Meh, I've been through worse..." - When being tortured. (It will only take away 5% of her sanity.)


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