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Konata is a student of Akademi high. She has 2 brothers, Akira and Gamer Kensi, and a sister, Kei Kensi. She, Akira, and Kei are triplets.


Konata has brown hair and eyes. She has some of her hair in a side ponytail, but leaves the rest down. She also has a super rad ahoge that Vincent van Nogh insisted on. She wears shorts under her skirt and turquoise stockings. Konata usually wears an unbuttoned lab coat over her uniform.


Konata is the smartest out of her siblings, but she remains humble about it.

If she witnesses a murder, she will try to hide in the science club. If the murderer enters, she will use anything she can get her hands on to defend herself.


Gamer Kensi

Konata's older brother. Gamer thinks Konata is very smart and always comforts her when she fails a project and has to start over. He loves her because siblings.

Akira Kensi

Konata's brother of the same age. Akria thinks she is very cool because she makes robots and is always begging her to make one he can play sports against. He loves her because.... you guessed it! Siblings.

Kei Kensi

Konata's sister. Kei thinks Konata is amazing because she makes a lot of cool stuff. She loves her know why.

Erey Ippongo

Erey thinks Konata's "robits" are cool and likes to try to convince her to make one to terrorize people. He loves her as a friendo.


  • Even though she is the smartest of her siblings, She fails a lot when making robots.


Coming soon!

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