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Lucy is female. She has blonde hair with a bang covering her left eye, she has yellow eyes like Mason Major and wears black stockings.


  • She walks into school.
  • She changes his shoes.
  • She goes to the back of the school and sells students drugs such as: marijuana and stolen pills from the drug store.
  • She attends class
  • She finds Mason Major and harrases him
  • She attends class
  • She leaves the school, unless she sees Mason than she bully him before leaving


  • Is the older sister of Mason Major, she hates him and harrases him, though he tolerates her.
  • She caused Mason and their parents to get in a car crash.
  • She assisted her father when he was sexually abusing Mason
  • She ran away from their home when she turned 16
  • She sells drugs to students at Akademi
  • Is extremely homophobic and bullies students for fun, most of it being sexual
  • Her and her brother used to be very close when they were kids until something happened between them, Lucy than enjoyed seeing him suffer, as much as they hate each other, Lucy can't kill Mason and Mason can't kill Lucy, if Mason were to die, Lucy will go into a deep deppression, eventually causing her to commit suicide out of guilt


Let's cut straight to the chase, I need some hair pins to hold my hair up, it's always getting in my face
— Her task
Ugh! fine than!
— If you reject her task
Hm, yeah you should.
— if you accept her task
thanks bitch.
— when you complete her task


Portrait By KawaiCats(eyes by me)


Mason Major: Her younger brother they may be the same age but her birthday is before his, she hates him and treats him horribly, he assisted his father when he was sexually abusing and raping Mason, shefound it funny to see him suffer, she also caused him and heir parents to get in a car crash hoping to kill Mason. After her failure she returned to make Mason's life a living hell.

Kisekae Code



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