Mai Shinozaki is the 3rd OC of Jlmc12345678910



Mai Shinozaki is female. She has brown hair with two pony tails leading to her shoulders due to her being in the gardening club, she wears the classic white flower on her head. She also has a blushing face, and blue heart eyes. She wears white scrungies as well as yellow sunflower stockings.


  • She walks into school with Shuziko Maka.
  • She changes her shoes.
  • She walks to the gardening club and does gardening work.
  • She goes to class 2-2.
  • She has lunch in the gardening club.
  • She goes back to class 2-2.
  • After school, she stays in the gardening club till 5:00, changes her shoes and goes home(unless her brother is being bullied).


  • She is the older sister of Haruko Shinozaki .
  • A member of the gardening club.
  • is known as "Hana" do to her love for flowers
  • Her reputation is pretty low because she defends her brother when he gets bullied.
  • Is rumored to have an incestuous relationship with her younger brother Haruko, they have a uh.. frighteningly TOO close of a relationship for brother and sister which started these rumors they openly deny it, however there is always that "forbidden chemistry" they share.
  • Best Friend of Shuziko Maka.
  • Is a very kind and caring student
  • Her parent's have always thought that her relationship with her brother was very close, however they began to worry about it in highschool and have become very vigilant.
  • Even thought her mother was born into a rich family her father was not, he grew up on the streets and slowly worked his way to the top.


Mai has the kind and gentle persona like Amai Odayaka, she will pose if you aim a camera at her face, but she will blush while she poses, if she sees you kill her brother in front of her she will attack you like a heroic student would. If her brother dies she will mourn the next day in the gardening club with a picture of her brother.


W-what?! no! me and my brother are NOT like that!
— When someone questions their rumored "incestuous relationship"
Well... now that I think about I guess there's something I may need help with. I lost my orchid somewhere around the school... I don't remember where I left it.. can you maybe find it for me I think I left it back in class 2-2!
— Her Task
Oh my god thanks! you found it!
— When you complete her task
You'll find it for me? thanks!
— When you accept her task
Oh, I understand well thank you anyways.
— When you decline her task


Credit to chalkpai for the heart eyes. Credit to kawaii cats for the smile and blush of the portrait(I combined two different bases). Credit to truekung for the old mei bangs and BaedereBaemulator for the flower. I made the pony tails myself.

Kisekae Code

By Me:


By TheFunGame



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