Maidori Gurin is an OC created by EwImTrash.


Maidori is a bug monster that should have never been created. She is the ugliest student in Akademi. Looking at her will cause temporary blindness.


Maidori has Mai Waifu's current hair, but lime green. She has lime green eyes, and will wear the normal uniform unless customized by a player.


Maidori likes sending stupid emails to Yandere Dev, much like her idol Midori Gurin. She also enjoys eating pink and green foods, bathing in leaves and mixing frosting with whipped cream.


Maidori has the persona "Unpredictable." This means when ever she sees a murder, she will do something unexpected, such as run out the school and call the police, beg for mercy or apprehend the murderer.


Midori Kuru

Maidori has a crush on Midori. She is too scared to confess her feelings, so she tries to get to know Midori so she will confess to her.

Midori Gurin

This Midori is Maidori's idol. She tries to be as much like Midori as possible.

Kuu Dere

Maidori thinks Kuu and Midori Kuru are close. She tries to get Kuu to sweet-talk Maidori to Midori Kuru.


Maidori will have the same quotes as any other student. Her only unique ones are her assigned task quotes.

"Well...there is one thing I need. I doubt you can complete it." ~Asking to complete Maidori's tasl

"Since you wanna know, I lost my charger. How am I supposed to email YandereDev?!" ~Maidori's task.

"Fine. If you complete it, I guess I owe you a favor back." ~Accepting Maidori's task

"OMG! Thankie!" ~Completing Maidori's task.


Maidori has lost her phone charger. It is in the lunchroom, by the vending machine.


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