IMPORTANT: Fan Coins will be discontinued on July 1st and replaced by YanYen!

Fan Coins (or FC) are a currency the wiki uses. This feature is purely for fun.

Types of Fan Coins


These coins are worth 1 Fan Coin or more.

These coins are worth less than 1 Fan Coin.


These are only handed out on major holidays.

These are only handed out on minor holidays.

These are only handed out on small holidays.

These are only handed out on special occasions.

These coins can no-longer be earned as they have been discontinued. In most cases, they were likely replaced with a new coin.

How to Earn Fan Coins

  • Join the wiki. - 10 Fan Coins
  • Create your first OC. - 10 Fan Coins
  • Create your first club. - 10 Fan Coins
  • Create your first persona. - 10 Fan Coins
  • Earn the Lucky Badge. - 50 Fan Coins
  • Win User of The Week. - 100 Fan Coins
  • Win OC of The Week. - 100 Fan Coins
  • Log on to the wiki on certain holidays. - Depends on the type of holiday.
    • Major holidays (example: New Year's) - 50 Fan Coins
    • Minor holidays (example: May Day) - 2 Fan Coins
    • Small holidays (example: National Raspberry Cake Day) - 1 Fan Coin
    • For a list of holidays we celebrate, see here.
  • Log on during random coin hand outs. - Random coin type.
  • Get paid for being staff on the first of each month. - Depends on rank.
    • Interns - 0.50 Fan Coins
    • Helpers - 2 Fan Coins
    • Rollbacks and Chat Mods - 5 Fan Coins
    • Content Mods and Discussion Mods - 10 Fan Coins
    • Mini-Admins - 50 Fan Coins
    • Admins and Bureaucrats - 100 Fan Coins

How to Use Fan Coins

Fan Coins are mainly created to be used on the wiki store.


I didn't get my coin when I joined.

This specific coin is handled by an automated message. The message can sometimes take time to send, wait a couple hours to a day. If it doesn't come, contact a staff member.

I didn't get my coin when I made my first OC (or similar).

Please contact a staff member. It is likely they didn't see you make the OC or didn't realize it was your first.

What happens when they are spent?

You say which coin you are spending and remove it from your user page. This is so you can collect exclusive coins and not have to spend them if you don't want to.

Can I sell an exclusive coin?

I don't see why not, you could sell it to another user for more money. But the coin's market value isn't any different from a normal coin. So an exclusive 1 Fan Coin is worth just as much as a normal 1 Fan Coin.

Can I exchange smaller coins for bigger ones?

Yes. If say, you have ten 1s and would rather have one 10, you can ask an admin to officially exchange them. This can also be done in reverse.

Is this optional?

Yes, feel free not to participate in Fan Coins. The feature is only for fun.

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