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When you first create your OC, you should know what type of OC it is. This wiki is home to 4 types, Normal, Self-Insert, Joke, and Parody. Normal OCs are just that, they comprise the majority of OCs. Self-Inserts are based on yourself. Jokes are original characters that were created as jokes. And Parody's are based on someone else (a friend, a youtuber, a celebrity, etc.).

When first creating an OC's page, you should first pick an infobox. The wiki's main infoboxes include: Infobox student, Infobox staff, and Infobox other. Each of these serve a different purpose.

Infobox student is for any OC which is a student.

Infobox staff is used for any OC that is a member of the school staff.

Infobox other is for any character that doesn't fit those 2 categories. A good use of this would be for an OC's parent.

Next, you should create the intro. Most people usually just make the intro say the student's name and who created them. But you are by no means limited to that.


This section is optional for many users. It basically gives a more detailed overview of a character; their role, persona, ect. Users who don't add this section tend to either merge it into the intro or not do it at all.


In appearance, you should give a description of what your OC looks like. Hairstyle, hair color, eye color, stockings, shoes, shirt, etc. Most users usually place this before Personality, but some place it after.


Here you describe your OC's personality. Most start with saying what the persona is and then continue on my telling the reader more about the OC.


This section describes events that have happened to the character in the past.


Here you tell about an OC's relationships to other characters (parents, crushes, boyfriend, siblings, friends, etc.)

Some users right it as a sub-section

And some others right it in bold letters:


In trivia you give small facts about your OC that don't fit anywhere else.

  • Most write the trivia in bullets/asterix/stars.
  • Many creators don't always add a trivia section, so if you're having problems making one, just skip it.


Galleries can be created in many ways. Most use the gallery tool.

Other Sections

After gallery, most users stop adding sections. Though, some still add other types of sections. This is all up to you, if you feel you need more sections, make them. This guide is only going over the most commonly used sections to help you get started.