The idea of parties is to bring people together based on their ideas for the wiki. When running for any position, stating your party is required. But it should be said, this is mostly for fun.

This feature is in the beta phase. It may change or be removed at anytime.

Forming a Party

Before approval:

  • Have clear Ideals/Beliefs.
  • Have at least 2 members.
    • The party's founder does not count.
  • Submit the party to the Parties Board.

Parties may be rejected for:

  • Being too similar to an existing party.
  • Being used to attack a user.
  • Being a joke/troll/fake party.

After approval:

  • Create a subpage to this page. (e.g Main Page:Parties/Example Party)
  • Follow the layout of the Example Party. (You can even copy paste from it.)

Dissolving a Party

Parties are dissolved when 1 of the following happen:

  • No members remain.
  • The party strays into breaking rules.
  • A majority vote within the party agrees to dissolve it.
  • More than the required number of users are blocked for more than a month.

When a party is dissolved, all but the history page is deleted. The reason it is kept is to document the party's history.

Party Leader

When a party is first founded, it's founder will be placed as it's Party Leader.

Party Leaders have control over the following:

  • Approving logos.
  • Updating the News.
  • Editing Ideals/Beliefs.
  • Having the party endorse someone running for staff.
  • Control over the Party History page.


  • Demoted by a vote.
  • Quit
  • Getting blocked.

When there is no leader, a Mini-Admin or higher will take responsibility over the leader's jobs until a new leader is promoted. Ideally, the staff member will only be in that position for a few days.


A vote will be held on the Parties board for a new leader. The vote will have been opened by the staff member put in charge or the party. And a majority vote will determine the leader.

List of Parties

Questions & Answers

If a party is rejected, can I still join it?

Yes, but you will have to say you're in the Independent Party when running for staff. This also applies for parties waiting to be approved.