This page is an example on how a Party's History page should be laid out. Nothing here is true, except the founding date.




  • 29th: FakeExampleMember34 founded the party.



  • 15th: FakeExampleMember34 is demoted by vote.
  • 16th: FakeMiniAdmin1 takes temporary control of party while new leader vote begins.
  • 20th: Vote ends and FakeMiniAdmin1 prepares to leave.
  • 21th: ReallyCoolFakeExampleMember100 is promoted to party leader.


  • 31st: ReallyCoolFakeExampleMember100 is demoted by vote.
  • 32nd: FakeMiniAdmin1 takes temporary control again and starts a vote.
  • 34th: Vote ends and FakeMiniAdmin1 prepares to leave.
  • 35th: FakeExampleMember34 is promoted back to party leader.



  • 35th: The party endorsed FakeExampleMember78 for Helper.

List of Party Leaders

  • FakeExampleMember34 (Nov 29th 2016 - Maych 15th 2019)
  • FakeMiniAdmin1 (Acting) (Maych 16th 2019 - Maych 20th 2019)
  • ReallyCoolFakeExampleMember100 (Maych 21st 2019 - Augtober 31st 2019)
  • FakeMiniAdmin1 (Acting) (Augtober 32nd - Augtober 34th)
  • FakeExampleMember34 (Augtober 35th 2019 - Present)

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