"We are all the same fruits in the salad"


  • June 20th 2017: The fruits have entered the store (creation of party)


  • Believe in equal voting power between staff and the users regarding almost all events
  • All ideas must be agreeable to the general populace of the wiki, no "staff create rules of of nowhere"
  • Longer bans must be done under the form of a trial, where multiple forms evidence needs to be presented. If the user has been spamming/disrupting the wiki, they may be placed under a shortened "silence" ban until the trial is concluded
  • Staff exists to serve the people, not enforce them under control.


If you are a member of the Fruit Party, please list yourself here.

Swedechef (Co-Founder) (Party Leader)
TheLegendGiantDad (Co-Founder)


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