By using the Yandere Simulator Fan Wiki, you agree to follow all of these rules. If you have any questions, please ask our staff.

Current Rules

These are the wiki's current rules. Users must abide by them.

General Rules

  1. No attacking, targeting, bullying, or harassment. [C]
    1. Harassment on other sites will receive punishment on this wiki by an admin+ plus mini-staff vote at the request of the victim.
    2. Harassment on sites wikis will always count if the harasser is following their victim to this wiki.
    3. Harassment on other sites will also always count if it's clear the other site was used to get around punishment on this wiki.
  2. No bigotry. [C] [M]
  3. No spamming/trolling. [C] [M]
  4. No vandalism. [M]
  5. No badge farming. [H] [M]
  6. No advertising. [H] [M]
  7. No linking pornography or other NSFW material.
    1. An exception is in place for NSFW Kisekae.
  8. No spreading private information about people.
  9. No sharing leaked info or leaking info.
  10. No removing warnings or block messages from your wall. [M]
  11. No false reporting. [M]
  12. No pretending/claiming to be staff when you aren't. [M]

Lesser General Rules

  1. No adding categories to user-pages and blogs. [H] [M]
    1. Exceptions are made for Staff Members and User of the Week categories.
  2. Keep blogs on the topic of the game or wiki. [H] [M]
  3. Make sure your edits are in English. [H] [M]
    1. Adding quotes or similar to a page is fine.
  4. No adding auto-playing music to pages. [H] [M]
  5. No adding templates only staff members can add to a page. [H] [M]
  6. No claiming something is yours when it's not. [H] [M]
  7. No giving yourself YanYen you didn't earn. [H] [M]

Page Rules

  1. No using another user's OCs without permission. [M]
  2. No editing a user's page without permission. [M]
    1. Adding categories without permission is allowed.
      1. However, if the user clearly states not to, the edit breaks the rules.
    2. Staff members are allowed to edit a user's page without permission.
      1. Edits must be related to staff duties.
  3. No stealing characters from other works. [M]
    1. Parodies are allowed, though they should be clearly a parody and be different from the source.
      1. Names must also be changed. This can be a few letters or completely different names.
  4. A page must relate to the game or it may be deleted. [H] [M]
    1. The creator will be notified 3 days in advance to make the page abide by wiki rules or it will be deleted.
    2. The creator may request the page to be brought back so they can edit it to follow rules.
    3. In the event it is not clear the page breaks this rule or not, a staff vote may be called.
  5. No creating pages to insult another user unless permission is given. [M]
  6. In the event that the owners of a shared page/OC terminate the sharing, the one who did the majority of the work will receive full ownership.
    1. If the work was split and done evenly, then an admin or higher will intervene.
  7. Pages will not be deleted or given to another user due to inactivity without the owner's permission.
  8. If an OC/page is given from 1 user to another and the other eventually wants it back, it will only be given back if both agree or the OC wasn't significantly changed.
    1. An admin will intervene if it's not clear anything was significantly changed.
  9. Users blocked for more than a year, may have their pages deleted.
    1. Upon the end of their block, they may request the page to be restored.

Voting Rules

  1. Votes (that are not staff applications) must start as Suggestions on the Suggestions board.
    1. After a week of building support and improving the suggestion it can be made into a vote.
    2. If the Suggestion goes no-where, it will be closed until another time.
  2. Votes must be posted on the Voting board.
  3. Votes must have 2 more support than oppose.
  4. Votes must last a week past highlighting.
    1. If a vote isn't highlighted within 2 days, a new vote will have to be created.
      1. Exceptions may be given if the thread gained no votes during the time.
    2. The creator of the vote may request it's closure. But it may be rejected by staff.
      1. This will always be granted for staff applications.
  5. A Suggestion cannot be closed by staff without a Head Discussion Vote.
    1. This can be contested, resulting in a full Staff Vote.
  6. To qualify to vote or make a vote, a user must be active on the wiki for 2 week, have 50 edits, and no active warnings or been blocked less than 2 weeks ago. [H] [M]
    1. An exception is made for User/OC of The Month votes.
    2. If a user is inactive for 30 days, the time is reset and they must meet it again before being allowed to vote.
    3. Staff members (including Interns) who do not meet these are also given an exception.
  7. At the end of a vote, Template:QualVote must be added.
    1. An exception is made for User/OC of The Week.

Future Rules

These rules have yet to be enforced or implemented.

  1. Votes must have 10 more support than oppose.
    1. This rule is not in use due to the low number of users at the moment.


If you believe someone had broken a rule, report it to staff. Usually, reports are posted on their message wall and titled "Report". Messages in a report cannot be removed or altered by staff.


Helper Warnings

These are warnings handed out by Helpers or higher when they see users break minor rules they may not of known about. This type of warning doesn't actually carry any punishment, but if the problem continues, the Helper should contact a Mini-Admin or higher to hand out a Mini-Warning or Warning.

Rules that can receive a Helper Warning are marked with a [H]. A user can only receive 1 Helper Warning. When giving a Helper Warning, use this template. Template:HelperWarning

Chat Warnings

Chat Warnings are warnings handed out by Chat Mods, Discussion Mods, Mini-Admins, Admins, and Bureaucrats. They are given for breaking rules in chat. You only get 1 warning before a chat block. The warning should follow a kick from chat.

Depending on the rule broken, a normal warning may follow. Upon giving out a Chat Warning, an admin or higher must be told. They will then look into the matter and determine if a normal warning is required.

Rules that can receive a Chat Warning are marked with a [C]. Chat Warnings lose effect after a month. When giving a Chat Warning, use this template. Template:ChatWarning


Mini-Warnings are handed out by Mini-Admins or higher. These warnings are handed out for more serious rules. The purpose of Mini-Warnings is mainly for new users who broke a larger rule and didn't know.

Rules that can receive a Mini-Warning are marked with a [M]. A user can only receive 1 Mini-Warning ever. Mini-Warnings When giving a Mini-Warning, use this template. Template:MiniWarning


Warnings are handed out by admins or higher. If you break a rule after receiving 3 warnings, you will be blocked. Lower warnings can also be overwritten by normal warnings.

All rules can receive a Warning, even those that can receive lesser warnings. Warnings are active until they lose effect after 2 months. When giving a Warning, use this template. Template:Warning If the user is onto their 3rd warning, use this template. Template:Warning3

In the event of mass rule breaking, the user is considered to have waved their right to a warning. These users are instantly blocked.


Chat Block

Chat Blocks occur when you break rules in chat after a Chat Warning. Chat Blocks prevent the user from joining chat.

When giving a Chat Block, use this template. Template:ChatBlock


Blocks occur when you break rules after a having 3 warnings. Blocks prevent you from editing on the wiki and joining chat.

When giving a Block, use this template. Template:Block

Mute Block

Mute Blocks happen when you continue breaking rules after being blocked. Mute Blocks prevent you from editing, talking, joining chat, and are usually longer than a normal block.

When giving a Mute Block, use this template. Template:MuteBlock

Permanent Block

If within a 6 month span, someone is blocked 3 times, they will be given a permanent block. This block will never expire, but can be debated on their wall.

Permanent Mute Block

If after having been given a permanent block, the user continues to break rules, they will be given a permanent mute block. This block will never expire and cannot be debated.

Block Review

A block for 6 or more months handed out in the past can be reviewed to change it's time and severity. Blocks being reviewed can have already ended, but the block can't be more than a year old and the user must of been blocked more than once. The user is allowed to call for a staff vote in the event of a review being negative. Permanent Mute Blocks are ineligible for this.


Acts are temporary states the wiki will go into, usually when a majority of staff agree there's a large issue that needs to be dealt with quickly. A vote to instate an act can be proposed at anytime by a Mini-Admin+. However, some acts are put into effect by an event and not a vote.

Anti-Trolls Act

When in effect, this act removes the need to give warnings to a user and instantly give them a block if they've ever received a warning before. If they haven't received a warning before, then they get 1 warning, though this is ignored based on the rule broken. Mini-Warnings or less have no effect. The purpose of this act is to rid the wiki of any trolls who get creative and find ways around site rules or blocks.

Troll Elimination Act

This act is similar to the Anti-Trolls act, but is more extreme. Unlike most other acts, this one requires both a majority of staff and users to agree. It also only lasts for 2 days. When in place, staff can ban anyone who is suspected of being a troll, even when a rule has yet to be broken.

New Administration Act

This act goes into effect if the highest ranked member of staff (the Head Bureaucrat) is demoted and no other Bureaucrats exist to take the place. The next highest ranked member of staff is promoted to the position. If the next rank is tied with other rank and both wish to fill the position, the now demoted Head Bureaucrat picks who takes their place. If there are no other members of staff (Interns are ineligible)/members capable of taking the position, then the demotion cannot happen and the Head Bureaucrat stays in power with a title change and right's change. Their title is changed to "Deposed Head Bureaucrat" and cannot do anything other than enforce rules, promote, and demote. If they hold this position for more than a month, they are fully re-instated and return to being the Head Bureaucrat.

This act cannot be removed or significantly changed without a popular vote. This part of the act, stating it cannot be removed, cannot be removed or changed unless by a popular vote.

Staff Votes

Full Staff Vote

A Full Staff Vote is a vote of all staff members to come to a decision.


If it isn't clear that a rule was broken, a vote will shortly be held from members of staff (Interns are not included). If the vote deems the actions to have broken rules, the rule breaker will receive a punishment. If the vote deems the actions to not of broken the rules, the rule breaker will have no punishment. All staff must get their votes in within 48 hours. If it does end with a tie, the current Intern will be allowed to vote.

Mini-Staff Vote

A Mini-Staff Vote is a vote by the Council of Administration to come to a fast decision.


Mini-Staff votes are the same as a Staff vote, except it only includes Admins and Bureaucrats. This is meant to make the vote as fast as possible for specific circumstances. The Head Mini-Admin will be allowed to vote in the event of a tie. A Mini-Staff vote over Warnings always happen first, then are followed by a Full Staff vote.

Head Votes

Head Votes are meant to come to a quick decision on a specific topic. There are 2 types of Head Votes. The votes only include people who relate to the subject.


Head Content Votes are meant to come to a decision regarding pages. They are voted on by the Council of Content.


Head Discussion Votes are meant to come to a decision regarding forums. They are voted on by the Council of Discussion.


During any ruling (Final-Informal+) vote, staff are stating what they think the rule should cover (not what they currently interpret it to cover). The winning side of the vote then becomes the ruling and is enforced. Rulings are only case by case, but cases may influence later Informal rulings.


An Informal ruling is any stance a staff member takes and is enforced without a full staff vote. This is based on what they currently interpret a rule to cover and if that has been broken.


Final-Informal rulings are any rulings by Head Votes. These can be contested and will go to a Semi-Formal ruling.


These ruling are from a Mini-Staff vote. These rulings are treated nearly the same as a Formal ruling, but can be contested by a Full Staff vote.


Formal rulings are made by a Full Staff vote. These rulings cannot be contested.

Questions & Answers

I got a warning (or similar) and I don't think I should of gotten it!

This is completely left up to admins and higher. If it's less than a warning, you may contact an admin or higher over it. If it's from an admin or higher, you can try appealing to the admin or another admin.

Am I allowed to vote if I have a Mini-Warning or less?

Yes, only people with active normal warnings aren't allowed to vote.

Can I be blocked without a warning?

Yes, but it depends on the situation and rules broken.

For example, if you came onto the wiki and spammed chat a bunch, created troll and spam pages, and posted pornography all over the wiki, you would be blocked without any warning at all.

Can I ask to be blocked? If so, can I be unblocked at anytime?

Yes? You can request an admin or higher to block you. But since there was no rules broken, the block can be requested to be lifted.

Are warnings still in effect after I'm blocked and it ends?

Sorta, it depends on how long you were blocked. If your block lasted longer than 2 months, then yes. But if you only had a 1 week block, no. A 2 month+ block would result in the warning system resetting. But a less than 2 month block would still have active warnings that would get you blocked again if you break any rules.

My 1st warning expired and I was still blocked!

Warnings' expiration is the most recent one. So even if you have a 2 month old warning, it's still valid if you have a more recent warning that you got within those 2 months. If your most recent warning is expired, then all your warnings expired.

Someone broke the rules and didn't get a warning!

Do any staff know about this? I suggest reporting it as soon as possible if they don't.

Do staff have to follow these rules?

Yes, the wiki staff must follow the rules.

Can a rule be re-added if it's removed by vote?

Yes, but only by a vote to re-add it. Staff cannot re-add rules that were removed by vote. Staff also can't remove rules that were added by vote without a vote.