Welcome to the Wiki Store!

If you'd like to purchase something for free, see here.

Wiki Products

Products officially sold by the store. Current store products are placeholders and likely to be taken off the shelf in the near future.


Stickers are cheap trinkets you can purchase to decorate your user page.


Similar to stickers, but are more expensive, badges are trinkets you can use to decorate your user page.



User Products

Products being sold by other users. To sell something, contact an admin or higher, show them what it is, and tell them the price. They will then place it here. If you want it removed, make sure to tell them.



Do you have OCs you no-longer want but don't want to just give them away for free? You can sell them here.

Wiki Items

Have something from the wiki you no-longer want? Well, you can sell it in this section.



Have a service you want to offer people? Maybe making kisekae codes, portraits, etc. Well, you can list yourself as a hire-able service. This means people pay you to make them something/do something for them.